Buffalo Painting.10x8 inch print.

SALE! "Dancers" 10x8 Print on Metallic Paper, Matted to 14x11 by ArtWorksbyDixieLee on Etsy

11x14 Black Picture Frame - Made to Display Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat - Wide Molding - Wall Mounting Material Included

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  • 3. Voucher entitles the customer to one half hour studio session and a free 10x8 print of their choice from the photos taken at the session.

    You're clearly into 35mm film for your personal work. Were you shooting your Getty images on film too? What were the briefs like when they would want you to produce work for them?
    Oh yes, I did everything on film. I have never used, nor will I ever use a digital camera. Film to the bone. I used to send Getty 10x8 prints, and they'd scan them and send them back. I stopped submitting to Getty when they stopped accepting analogue submissions. The digital camera they recommended I buy was about $15,800 at the time, and I thought, 'fuck that for a game of soldiers.' Haven't sent anything over for a long time.

  • Rating: One of the first cameras to convert enthusiast photographers to try a digital camera. It has a useful rotating viewfinder and controls for the aperture and shutter speed making it versatile and the two million pixel resolution is good enough for producing decent 10x8 prints. There were a few design problems such as a flimsy card slot cover located near the tripod mount and an LCD viewfinder that's difficult to see in most daylight conditions otherwise it's still worth considering.

    I have to disagree!!

    It's a great little camera,beautifully made and can produce great 10x8 prints,comparable with my Nikon D60.

    It must be one of the best wide angle compacts available,a bargain in my view,and certainly more portable than my Nikon D60!!


    Gene Generation Poster 01 A4 10x8 Photo Print Gene Generation Poster 01 A4 10x8 Photo Print
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  • money by a relative and spent it on a fabulous Contax 35mm SLR with a pin-sharp Carl Zeiss T lens. For the next five years, I spent much of my time in the school dark room, emerging after several hours, stinking of fixer, with water-logged hands and developer splashed all over my clothes, but clutching a precious sheaf of 10x8 prints.

Headshot Printing 10x8 Prints from 60p

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