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How To: 180 on a BMX Bike (FASTEST WAY)

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  • TAG : Doing a 180 on a BMX takes skill and daring
  • I teach you how to 180 on a bmx bike, i got a ridiculous amount of messages about this trick so here you go, hope it helps and share it with your friends

    Taking your BMX out and learning how to pull off a 180 on a BMX bike is an amazing time. Doing a 180 on a BMX takes skill and daring. Not everyone can pull this trick off. The danger of the trick is enough to turn the casual BMX rider off. Performing a 180 on a BMX though will attract those ready to take their BMX to the air. Sure, there are other avenues for a 180 on a BMX but gaining air to do it is the best way to perform this trick. This article explains how you can learn to do a 180 on a BMX in no time.

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