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First Look: HP Stream 11, $199 Windows Laptop

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  • The $199 laptop is HP made, though Microsoft COO Kevin Turner, did not state the specifications of the device, only that we should see it just time for the holidays.

    You can install iTunes on it. You can install Steam and play your games — and even if it’s at low settings, at least you can play them if you want to. You could even install (shudder) Incredimail if you really wanted… and no doubt some of the folks that want a $199 laptop will want to install an app or two like Incredimail.

  • Who might prefer this $199 Google laptop over the much more expensive $249 version? (That was a slight joke, by the way.) The answer is probably found in either of these three categories:

    To fend off this latest threat, Microsoft is aiming to pull off the same tactic it did against Linux operating systems on Netbooks in the past. The company announced a plan with its partners to launch a $199 laptop that is designed to compete with Chromebooks, and a surprisingly $99 tablet that is designed to compete with cheap Android-based tablets that are flooding the market all over the world.

  • With the material caveat of not having laid my paws on this new $199 Google laptop yet, I can imagine there are still numerous real and potential advantages of the $249 Samsung version over the $199 Acer. Here are the top four:

are in trouble -- HP unveils $199 Windows laptop and low-cost tablets

Microsoft isn’t giving up on its quest to claim the cheap notebook and small tablet markets as its own. Today, the company’s Chief Operating Officer announced two new machines meant to absolutely stomp the competition. The first is a $199 laptop to compete with Google’s Chromebooks. The second is a $99 tablet meant to undercut both Android tablets and the iPad mini. Both will run Windows 8.1.