24V SLA Battery Charger for XB-300sla & xb-305sla

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24 Volt / 5 Amp - Three Stage - SLA Battery Charger and Maintainer - Fan Cooled - Regulated - For Use with AGM Batteries - 3-Pin XLR Connector - UPG 24BC5000TF-1

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  • TAG : Joule 24V 2A Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger Our Price: $24.99 .
  • Works with 6V, 12V or 24V SLA batteries, and automatically detects the battery voltage ensuring you don’t make any mistakes – just connect the charger and it starts automatically.

    Hi Seetharaman
    thanks a lot for this information and prompt reply. this is the circuit i was looking for my 24v SLA 14 AH battery . i will change R2 to .5 ohms.
    can i use 2n3904 transistor instead of BC547 ?

  • When fully charged, a 24V SLA battery pack should measure at about 25-26 volts. A 36V SLA battery pack should measure at about 38-39 volts. Immediately after charging, the voltage reading may be higher; let the battery sit off the charger for about 15 minutes before taking a voltage reading. Failure of the battery to charge to the expected maximum voltage may indicate that the pack has reached the end of its useful life.

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