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Eschenbach 3X Loupe Magnifier - Magnifying Aids

Carson® TriView 3x/6x/9x Folding Loupe with Built-In Case (TV-36)

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  • TAG : This Clip-on 3X loupe has a working distance of 14 - 18 inches.
  • Lacerations that involve the lid margin require careful closure to avoid lid notching and misalignment. Several “key” stiches of 6/0 proline are put in the lid margin to align the grey line and lash line. They are kept untied until the conjunctiva and tarsal plate are repaired. Then the skin sutures are placed. Avulsive injuries to the lids are treated by post auricular full-thickness skin graft. Injuries that involve full-thickness loss up to 25% of the lid are closed primarily. Loss of more than 25% of the lid will require reconstruction by different flaps. A laceration at the medial third of the eyelid may involve canalicular injury. It can be identified using 3X loupe magnification. If the proximal end of the canaliculus is not found, a lacrimal probe may be inserted into the punctum and passed distally out of the cut end of the canaliculus. The distal end of the canaliculus may be located by introducing a pool of saline in the eye and by instilling air into the other intact canaliculus. Bubbles will reveal the location of the distal canalicular stump. The canaliculus is repaired over a silastic or polyethylene lacrimal stent with 8/0 absorbable sutures. The stent is left in place for 2 months to 3 months.

    My old eyes are not the best, either. I did most of the work with reading glasses and a Bausch-Lomb 3x loupe. But, without a 10x compound jeweler’s loupe I could scarcely distinguish the smallest Phillip’s head from the Pentalobe head. I am still not convinced that my authentic Pentalobe drive had a symmetrical foliate form. Often it seemed that only one orientation in 360 degrees would function, and that only with a lot of force. This was to have later consequences, as it turned out.

  • Shot with Canon T2i with 50mm f1.4 Canon lense on a Kinyo tripod. April 26, 2010 9:25 PM. DIY 3x Hood Loupe. Rode Stereo Mic. SwinginFusion Event. 1280x720 60p; 46 Mbps.

    Cambo's new CS-30 Viewer for HDSLR cameras features a 3x magnification loupe, made with Schneider Kreuznach optics, offering adjustable dioptre setting for best viewing comfort.
    The CS-30 Viewing loupe includes a stick-on frame.

    Kenko Precision Lupe 3x for 6x7 - PR3X

    The Kenko PR 3x loupe is designed for full frame viewing of 6x7 medium format negatives and transparencies. There is a built in sliding metal light skirt that make s the loupe very handy for viewing detailed flat-work as in addition to back-lit film on a light table.

    All Kenko loupes use all optical glass elements which are coated or multi-coated with an anti-reflectant chemical to reduce the change of flare or other unwanted reflections.

  • Cabin 3X Loupe PL-367 6X7 645 Medium Format for Mamiya Cabin 3X Loupe PL-367 6X7 645 Medium Format for Mamiya
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    Our 3.3x HD loupes allows for high-precision work without the sacrifice of a small field of view. We have designed these oculars to deliver a strong magnification with an excellent wide field of view! These loupes provided an exceptional crisp clear image that any dental professional would appreciate. Our loupes are ideal for any dental professional looking to improve their diagnostics and quality of care. The 3.3x HD loupes can be used for any procedure from routine exams to invasive procedures Expand your vision; see the oral cavity in extraordinary detail like never before.

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The Carson 3-in-1 MagniScope - 3x Loupe, 8x Monocular, 30x Microscope MA-30 is the most unique and useful magnifying instruments offered today. The 3-In-1 MagniScope by features two components that combine to create three different optical devices. The can transform into an 8x20mm monocular, a 3x stand magnifier, and when threaded together, a precision 30x portable microscope. The Carson MagniScope 3-in-1 Magnifier MA30 is a multifunctional magnifier that will perform the duties of different magnifiers, all in one device.