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Canon PG-40 CL-41 Ink Cartridge Set

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  • 4140 steel has good machinability when annealed. 4140 steel is not easily welded and post weld treatment should be performed. It can be formed using conventional techniques when annealed and requires more pressure when forming because it is tougher than plain carbon steels.

    Common uses of 4140 steel plate: tooling, machine plates, , shafts, sprockets, special machine parts, , metal stamping, tool & die, shredders, couplings, reamer bodies, screws, flywheel components, axles, shafts, bolts, , piston rods and rams.

  • Purchased as rolled, pre-Hardened (PH), or in the annealed condition, 4140 steel plate possesses a full range of hardening and wear resistance properties. Due to it’s good hardness penetration and uniformity flame hardening, induction hardening, or oil hardening can considerably increase the wear resistance of 4140 steel.

    4140 steel plate can be plasma or flame cut to shape, then onsite in our furnace. Annealing greatly improve results from grinding and increases it’s machinability. A thorough annealing is also required before quench and tempered hardening processes.

    Model Number: 41 40
    Brand Name: MERCEDES
    Place of Origin: Germany
    Condition: Used
    Drive Wheel: 8x6

  • 4140 steel chemical composition table  
    % Carbon (C) 0.380 – 0.430
    % Chromium (Cr) 0.800 – 1.10
    % Iron (Fe) 96.785 – 97.77
    % Phosphorus (P) 0.035
    % Silicon (Si) 0.150 – 0.300
    % Sulfur (S) 0.040

    4140 alloy steel is a low alloy steel that contains chromium, molybdenum, and manganese. Because it contains chromium and molybdenum, it is sometimes referred to as chromoly steel. It has high fatigue strength, excellent strength to weight ratio, is abrasion and impact resistant, has good ductility, and has excellent torsional strength.

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