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GoT season 5 poster 11x17

5 Seconds Of Summer Peace Poster 36 x 24in

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  • The first 5 of 5 poster represents Hanson's first studio album, Middle of Nowhere. The NYC poster is the classic orange/yellow colors with the MON front cover images of Isaac, Taylor, and Zac on the right side of the poster. On the left is a montage of images referencing various Hanson songs (i.e. aliens for Man From Milwaukee, flowers for MMMBop, etc.), and some songs from Middle of Nowhere are also written out within the images (MMMBOP, WEIRD, etc.). The 5 of 5 symbol and #1 is in the bottom left, and the 'capital letters' HANSON logo is on the right, an interesting choice considering they did not officially use this logo until 2000.

    The second 5 of 5 poster represents Hanson's second studio album, This Time Around. This poster has images of a giant keyboard, guitar and drums being lifted into the air by a flock of white birds. The top of the poster has lyrics to This Time Around (the chorus & second verse, i.e. "put on these chains and you can live a free life"). The bottom center of the poster says "The Music Lives" and the date of the concert with 'play' symbols reminiscent of the TTA cover. The bottom left has the 'capital letters' HANSON logo, and the 5 of 5 symbol and #2 is on the bottom right.

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    The third 5 of 5 poster represents Hanson's third studio album, Underneath. This poster has the familiar headphones/power lines cover art on the top half of the poster. The center has the album title, the down arrow, and the date of the concert. The bottom half of the poster has vines which, if you look closely, spell "2004 Underneath, R U Listening?" and also form a heart shape.

    Lean and 5S Posters

    A key compenent to any Lean and 5S program is communication with the workforce. Our attractive full color posters will do just that. The posters come with a UV Film Coating to protect against dust and grime, fading due to light exposure, and oil from finger marks. NOTE: we also have the ability to design custom posters with your logos and company wording.

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    The fourth 5 of 5 poster represents Hanson's fourth studio album, The Walk. This poster shows a dense forest with a walk man walking a tightrope, representing the title track. "Take The Walk" phrases repeat in blue letters on the top half of the poster. The center of the poster has The Walk logo. The bottom left has the updated 2007 Hanson logo, and the bottom right has the 5 of 5 symbol and #4.

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