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Aquarium Tank, Glass, 55 Gal
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55 Gallon Aquarium: 48 x 13 x 21 – 48 1/4 x 12 3/4 x 21

Aqueon Trim/Slim Tank, 55 gallon

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  • You can find 55 gallon aquariums on-line, in newspapers or at your local pet store. Savvy shoppers can look for used 55 gallon aquariums. Many times sales papers or auction Web sites will have used 55 gallon aquariums for sale.

    Just bought this 55 gallon aquarium at walmart. I got a really good deal on it. It came in a kit that had a filter and lights and a whole lot more. im defetnitly going to plant this one and have a lot of cool fish.

  • When you go to get your 55 gallon aquariums, shop around. Make a list of everything you’ll need to get the aquarium up and running and then price out each item needed. You should do this because some pet stores will package 55 gallon aquariums with all of the accessories though many of these accessories are not necessary for the tank. This jacks up the price of the tank.

    Also, if you do decide to get used 55 gallon aquariums, make sure to clean the aquariums. You never know if the pervious owner cleaned the tank or if the tank was home to sick fish. You do not want any disease spread to your new fish.

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    One great fish to put in 55 gallon aquariums is the pacu. The pacu is a South American fish that is a cousin to the piranha. Though they are not the most beautiful fish, they are interesting to watch and can only live in large aquariums such as the 55 gallon aquarium.

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Let your fish swim freely in this roomy aquarium. The stylish design makes the ensemble a great addition to any room.

This MARINELAND 55 gallon Aquarium/LED Hood/Stand Ensemble makes an excellent home for your finned friends. Ideal for freshwater or saltwater use and a variety of fish species, the aquarium allows for the ideal aquatic habitat.

The 2-shelf stand provides convenient storage for aquatic necessities (not included).The ensemble's sophisticated design brings a stylish accent to your home.