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HiRO H50113 V92 56K External USB Data Fax Dial Up Internet Modem Windows 10 8.1 8 7 Vista XP 32-bit 64-bit

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  • The 3Com US Robotics 56K External modem provides fast access and is fully V.90 compliant allowing for the fastest possible download times while at the same time, ensuring a minimum loss of carrier on-line, explains Heyes. "In addition, the modems are equipped with flash ROM memory which allows it to be easily upgraded. An added benefit is that the modem is very easy to install, using a driver disk that has support for Windows 95/98 and NT."

    According to Heyes, the 3Com US Robotics brand owns an estimated 65% of the modem marketshare locally. "The 3Com US Robotics 56K external modem's key advantages are its speed and reliability, which makes for a more exciting and rewarding on-line experience, " he says.

  • Head of marketing at Vodacom World Online, Jeremy Harris, says that the 3Com US Robotics 56K external modem was specifically chosen by Vodacom World Online and Incredible Connection to include in this deal on the basis that it is a strong retail brand, which translates into an attractive option for customers.

    Bill Soter writes, "A couple of months ago I bought a new G4/500 to replace my PowerCenter 132. Because I wanted to use my old serial Epson printer through a USB/serial adapter I didn't opt for an internal modem but bought a new Global Village 56k external USB modem. This new modem wouldn't work properly with the G4, it appeared to not be robust enough to log onto my ISP. Even though all configurations, scripts, etc, were correct and verified by Apple technicians and Global Village technicians, I had problems about 95% of the time. At the same time I connected my old 56k US Robotics modem to the G4 through the USB/serial adapter and it worked perfectly every time. I then replaced the Global Village modem with another Global Village modem: same result. I then bought a different USB 56k modem, a Best Data model. The results were the same as with the Global Village units even though, again, Apple technicians, Best Data technicians and my ISP technicians all agreed that all configurations and scripts used were correct. All of these connections were through Apple Remote Access using a direct USB port connection on the G4 and then through a powered USB hub. I finally relented and bought an internal Apple 56k internal modem for the G4 directly from Apple (I replaced my Epson printer with a USB one) This unit worked fine from the get-go with one huge exception; it connects nearly every time at only 26.4 kbs, sometimes less, never more. Again, reverting to the old serial modem through the USB/serial adapter everything works fine including fast 50k + connections. The slow speed of the internal modem and the faster speed of the old serial modem is confirmed by several instances of downloading files; less than 3.0 kbs for the internal modem, 5.6 kbs for the old serial modem. Using TechTool Pro modem tests, the internal modem is confirmed as a 56k modem with no problems. It's really disturbing to have "the fastest computer available" with a plodding internet connection. I'd really appreciate any help you can offer in solving this problem. For whatever reason, I don't think that the internal modem is faulty although that certainly can't be ruled out."

    Package Contents
    • USB 56K External Modem
    • 1 x Driver CD
    • 1 x Instruction Guide
    Green Compliant Yes
    Green Compliance Certificate/Authority RoHS

  • Actiontec EX560LKA 56K External Modem. The EX560LKA External 56K modem from Actiontec has a serial interface for your aging system. Its easy to install and even easier to use.
    Power Adapter Not Included
    Manual Not Included
    Software Not Included
    Cables Not Included
    Minor Scratches

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