688 Attack Sub is known as an early classic of the genre.

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688-2RS Bearing 8x16x5 Sealed Miniature Ball Bearings

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  • I elected to build SSN-721, the USS Chicago, which is a 688I class with no diving planes on the sail and has the VLS system. The kit is well molded and fit is good throughout. I assembled the hull first; a little putty was required, but not much. Some of the parts are small, so be careful not to lose them. I used the injection molded prop, as it had the correct bend to it. The sail was assembled and the periscopes left off.

    nough about the features, let's talk about gameplay. Gameplay, indeed! This sim is very cerebral, requiring patience and agile tactical thinking. Is that okay with you? If you want visual action, maybe you'll be happier with , or maybe a game. But 688(I) is not a game--it's a SIM. 688(I) simulates the real thing, in as much detail as you can get without having the State Department all over your ass. There are no "map views" with real-time symbols laid out to give you godlike powers of destruction. You don't target enemy SSNs with a single mouse click. With this subsim you "build" a firing solution. And you do it with stealth, while maintaining a minimal presence among the enemy.

  • Once dry, I added the decals and here I ran into a problem. The decals for the SSN-721 folded over for the sail and I just couldn’t save them. I ended up having to use SSN-688 decals. They still looks good, but they’re not accurate. I added a black wash to bring out the highlights. A couple coats of flat and it was finished.

    One of the best cell phone that I have.. Unfortunately I have lost the charger of GH688 and if someone can help to buy one I really appreciate it..

    USS Los Angeles SSN-688

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688 Standard/Economy Fans -Bath and Ventilation Fans - Broan

I was a sonar technician on the USS Tecumseh, an SSBN, for 3 years while it was being overhauled at the Newport News, VA, shipyard. We were tied up at a pier during the refit, and the 688 class attack subs were docked at the next pier. As a result, I was able to walk all over LA class subs, visit them, and got pretty familiar with them. Most of the attack boats were being upgraded from Flight I to Flight II at this yard, adding the Tomahawk vertical launch tubes. So I jumped at the chance to build Riich’s 688 class, Flight I model.