Abbott glucose meters are some of the most popular on the market

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  • He explained that the issue is strictly with the test strips used in the built-in Abbott glucose meters on both the older-generation blue OmniPod PDM and the newer black model. The glucose meter itself works fine, but an entire run of test strips has been identified to have a defect that can cause false low readings.

    Abbott Laboratories is located in Almeda, California and employs over 65,000 people and distributes its products to over 130 countries. The diabetes care division website can be If you are looking for Abbott glucose meter owners manuals, they can be

  • Newer models of Abbott glucose meters apparently have the capability to "eliminate the noise" caused by these test strips. But models developed earlier -- including the meter in the OmniPod system and the FreeStyle Flash and older basic FreeStyle meter -- do not. This is why Abbott is issuing ; from their side, it's easier to simply upgrade customers to a newer meter model, but since the OmniPod has the meter built-in, the solution there is to replace customers' current stores of test strips.

    The following charts offer a snap shot of each current Abbott Glucose model in relation to another. Incredibly, this information is not assembled anywhere that we could find, all in one place.

  • FDA announces recall of Abbott glucose test strips
    Strips sold in retail stores, online and used in health care facilities

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Abbott glucose meters are some of the most popular on the market. The company has a knack for developing products that people want. Like other companies producing blood glucose meters, Abbott Laboratories is a large conglomerate of medical and health related companies. Abbott Diabetes Care is the subsidiary that markets the glucose meters.