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  • Accessory storage mirrors according to the invention are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, people who purchase and install accessory storage mirrors according to the invention should feel as if they purchased a work of art for their living space that permits them to conveniently organize and display their jewelry and other accessories.

    Another possible addition to the accessory storage mirror is a shelf at the bottom of the accessory storage mirror, for example to hold smaller pieces, the “day's take offs,” or other miscellaneous items. This space can also include a ring organizer, jewelry box, or any other additional storage or holding space. Other elements also can be added.

  • Plural same or differently shaped accessory storage mirrors can be put together to generate a more complex appearance. In some embodiments, the mirrors can have shapes that fit together like a puzzle or in some other predetermined fashion. In addition, the mirror (or mirrors) can include frames. For example, art deco, silver (modern), worn/rustic (Tuscany), shabby chic (worn out white wood), colorful (kiddie), pink lacquered (girly), or any other type of frame can be provided. These options permit further customization of the accessory storage mirror(s) to fit virtually any home decoration theme.

    In yet another embodiment, the accessory holders are temporarily, semi-permanently, or permanently affixed to the mirror when the accessory storage mirror is manufactured.

  • One embodiment of the invention is an accessory storage mirror that includes a mirror and one or more accessory holders attached to or configured to attach to the surface of the mirror. In a preferred embodiment, the mirror includes a magnetically active material backing the mirror, and the accessory holders include magnets. The magnets preferably are rare-earth Neodymium magnets, and the accessory holders include a non-scratch backing. The accessory storage mirror provides an aesthetically pleasing setting for viewing and displaying jewelry and accessories.

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This application claims priority from U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/018,020, titled “Accessory Storage Mirror,” in the name of the same inventors, filed Dec. 31, 2007.