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The following is just a sampler of the best rated air hockey tables for sale. For the .

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

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  • Air Hockey Table: as described above, a popular choice for all ages, skill levels and price ranges. This type of recreational gaming table offers fun, fast-paced action in all sizes and options.

    That includes as many as 60 neon beer and bar signs, more than 35 beer taps, liquor decanters and advertising pieces, two pinball machines, an electronic casino poker machine, and an air hockey table. And it's not just bar stuff. Jacobs was preceded in ...

  • Probably the newest addition to game tables is air hockey. Air hockey was introduced in the late 1960s, and is now one of the more common found in arcades. An air hockey table has slots on each side as goals, and a cushion of air sent through tiny holes in the surface allow the puck to slide as if the surface were made of ice. Traditionally, the game ends when one of the players scores seven goals, but the fun you can have with air hockey is never ending!

    The Franklin Sports 48 Zero Gravity Sports Air Hockey Table is the ideal gift for your child. It is made from manufactured wood and ABS plastic that enhances its strength and durable. The air hockey t...

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  • You can find Air Hockey Tables by some of the top name brands in the table game industry at Ozone Billiards. We bring you the best quality in air hockey tables with different designs, sizes and colors to best fit your style at a great affordable price. Bring some fun into your game room with one of these beautiful air hockey tables and we guarantee years of enjoyment playing the game.

    The Franklin Sports 54 Zero Gravity Sports Air Hockey Table is sure to delight your child. It is in multicolor and is made from manufactured wood and plastic that enhances its strength and durability....

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This is highly dependant upon the size. Smaller, cheaper air hockey table are usually made primarily of plastic often with some wood panelling this provides a degree of strength and durability.