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  • Adults love jetBlue Airlines because it’s a low-cost, comfortable, and classy airline. With a personal TV built into the back of every seat and friendly flight attendants, what’s not to love? Now your child will share your adoration of JetBlue with the jetBlue Airport Playset by Daron.

    Including a colorful airplane as well as airport vehicles all featuring authentic jetBlue graphics, you can have high flying adventures with this 14-piece playset. With the authentic six inch long die-cast jetBlue die-cast airplane, the passengers can have smooth sailing from your bedroom runway all the way downstairs to the dining room table landing strip. Set up the JetBlue ground equipment, plastic signs, and cones for a realistic airport scene. Kids ages three and up can let their imaginations fly away with the jetBlue Airport Playset.

  • Go! Go! Smart Wheels' Airport Playset
    The SmartPoint airplane (included) responds to the airport's six SmartPoints with different phrases, music or fun sound effects. It's playtime with miles of learning! The airplane also teaches letters and sounds, while the airport strengthens fine motor skills and builds children's imaginations through pretend play. The control tower antenna turns to "fly" the plane on the cloud platform and the tracks can be reconfigured or connected to other Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets (each sold separately) to encourage creativity. Ages 1-5 years, MSRP: .

    Capture the excitement of airplane travel for your child with the Daron United Airport Playset. This high-quality die-cast metal toy airport playset includes tons of accessories for pretend-play scenarios, including ground support vehicles, airport and runway signs, traffic cones, and of course, a large die cast airplane (6”) which will take off and land many, many times on your playroom carpet. All with authentic United Airlines logos! Suitable for ages 4 and up.

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    While the airport playsets included a nice variety of airplanes, thesets had only three types of large planes. These weretheLockheed L-188 Electra turboprop, the Boeing 707 jet, and the Corvair990 Coronado astrojet. Marx selected these aircraft because its playset-partner American Airlines fleweach of them. If airport playsets had stuck around longer,I'msure we would have a greater variety of the large planes. Earlysets included the Electra and 707; the 990 was added in late 1961 asAmerican Airlines was adding it to the company's flying inventory.

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Check out this cool and large Delta Airlines die-cast and plastic commercial airport play set! This model set comes completely assembled and ready to have fun recreating your Delta Airlines flying esperience. This set is a great gift for a child whose parent flies on business or who is a pilot of flight crew member at Delta.