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  • Since the apps are sandboxed, antivirus software would not have the ability to scan other malware apps. And the fact that apps can be remotely removed by the vendor with a "" feature just makes antivirus on smartphones completely useless. I would like to still hear from others if they think otherwise?

    Smartphones are the popular gadgets these days. From entertainment to information, you can use your smartphone for everything. But, for security purpose you should install antivirus on smartphone. There are various antiviruses available for smartphone. Here are the steps to install Kaspersky Mobile Security.

  • The reality of this threat has already been witnessed in the . That makes it extremely critical to get an anti-virus software that can protect your mobile against any such attack. Following is the list of the Top 5 Antivirus for Smartphones (not in any order) based on their popularity and features.

    L’antivirus su smartphone serve davvero? È necessario? Da qualche tempo a questa parte la risposta sta divenendo affermativa, soprattutto su Android. Se, una volta, il cellulare era un dispositivo largamente isolato dal resto del mondo, i moderni smartphone sono diventati strumenti indispensabili sul lavoro con capacità di calcolo paragonabili a quelle di un mini-computer e sempre più integrati nell’infrastruttura di rete aziendale o casalinga.

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