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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Opener Set of 2

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  • You have landed on Zazzle's speed bottle openers page, where you'll find a unique assortment of bartender bottle opener designs to customize or purchase as is. Our customizable bar keys can be printed in full color, and you can upload your designs at no cost! To find more products, please take a look at our main section.

    We offer this amazing V-ROD® Bartender Bottle Opener in many colors, styles and designs. Choose from simple, funny, sexy and a little dirty to add personality to your “Behind the Bar” ammo. OR, you also have the ability to customize your very own using our easy online designer. Upload pictures, add your name or favorite quote.

  • Whether you’re serving up craft brews in your taphouse or beautiful cocktails in your bar, we’ve got you covered. Since bartender bottle openers are designed to effortlessly remove the caps from your beverages, they’ll help your bartenders and servers speed up service. We even have cap catchers that are designed to be placed underneath your wall-mounted openers, preventing any caps from falling on the floor. For more bar supplies, check out our , , and . If you're wondering where to buy bottle openers & cap catchers, we have a large selection available at the lowest prices.

    We offer bartender bottle openers that can be used to puncture the tops of cans, so your staff can easily open new containers of pineapple, tomato, and cranberry juice. Some of these products even feature a letterbox cut to remove crown seals from bottles. Since our cap catchers collect all your caps during a shift, they also help to cut down on cleanup at the end of the day.

  • Looking to speed up service in your bar? With our bartender bottle openers, your staff can easily open up bottles of wine, beer, and spirits, so they can quickly serve your thirsty customers. We also offer cap catchers, which are designed to be mounted underneath your wall-mounted bottle opener, preventing any caps from falling on the floor. Bottle openers are even available in convenient sizes that can fit comfortably in your bartender’s pocket.

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Our customizable bartender bottle openers (aka speed opener, popper, flat, blades, church keys, bar keys, or mambas) make great custom gifts for someone special, a way to personalize your bar tools on the job, or can be an incredible avenue for broad advertisement. With your choice of either screen printing or full color printing capabilities, you can opt for a clean professional look, or even have your own full color photograph to be printed right on the opener. With the vibrant full color Kolorcoat™ process, there is no minimum to buy... and with our easy Online Designer you can completely customize your bottle opener to suit any need.