This no bark collar is being replaced by the (Yapper Stopper 600).

The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar is covered by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Fiddo No Bark Collar Shock Control Training System w/7 Adjustable Stimulation Levels (Manual included)

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  • BarkWise™ comes with an AC Adapter. Simply plug this into the collar and plug the adapter into an outlet. The blue LED light will indicate that BarkWise™ is charging. The red LED flashes when BarkWise™ needs charging (charge time is approx. 2hrs). BarkWise™ is a very powerful anti-bark collar, which includes many features. Very similar to smart phones losing power when features are being used. We recommend charging every day.

    Most of our pet products you will not find at a big box retailer. When is the last time you saw a real wooden pet gate or dog crate? We have toys and treats for good pets and behavior tools such as bark collars and pee pads for when you are housebreaking the latest addition to the family.

  • Those who have purchased the bark collar have been overwhelmingly positive about their experiences. They have stated that, when used correctly, the dog almost never gets to the seventh level of correction, which is a small, safe shock. Rather, most people notice that their dogs cease barking at a medium level, which is much sooner than with other collars.

    We do not recommend using sonic or ultrasonic bark control devices with invisible or electric fences. Here's why:

    Invisible/ Electronic Fence systems use a very similar high-pitched tone to "warn" the dog when he gets too close to the boundary of his yard. If he goes any further after hearing this tone, his collar emits a shock. Since the Dog Silencer™ (and all of our sound-based products) uses a very similar tone, this can confuse the dog. Since he has already associated this tone with his property boundaries, he most likely will not be able to associate it with his barking. The same problem can occur if you try to use a "shocking" bark collar on your dog with an invisible fence system. If the dog becomes confused between the two systems, this can actually make the barking worse. If you are using an invisible fence system, we recommend using a completely different stimulus to stop barking, such as a citrus-spray or vibrating collar. This way the dog will learn different outcomes for the two different behaviors (boundaries versus barking).

    Stop Barking Effectively
    Need to stop your dogs from barking excessively? Bark Collar Store has the perfect bark collar and bark control units for any types of dogs. Simply measure the neck of your dog, and choose the most appropriate bark collar for your dog.

    Bark Collar FAQs
    Read the most frequently asked questions about bark collars such as "Will the collar harm the dog?", "How do bark collars work?", "Will the bark collars stock all barking?", and more..

    Spray Bark Collars emit a harmless spray under your dog's snout that immediately interrupts his or her barking. We have citronella and unscented spray. Spray bark collars are best for all dogs, especially extra sensitive dogs.

Is the Bark Control Collar safe and humane?

★MULTINATIONAL USE: FGN collar can be used as a bark collar or a training collar which allows you to get to know your pets and correct their behavioral issues within a short period.