Water-Based Paint Formulations, Vol. 4, 1st Edition

United States Patent O WATER-BASED ENAMEL FORMULATIONS FROM ACRYLIC HYDROSOLS Richard N. Selby and Donald M. Williams, Wilmington,

Induced effect of pesticide permethrin and biosal on agama lizard: Neem extract base formulation biosal, cholinesterase and proteinic activity, liver and kidney, agama lizard

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  • List in the space for Brand No. 01 the base formulation name chosen by the Private Label Manufacturer for this base formulation. You may list only one base formulation on a base formulation submission.

    Because the base formulation comprises most or all of the ingredients of the finished cosmetic product being filed, it should be entered in INGRED NO. 01.

  • Select the Product Category Code that most closely identifies the intended purpose or function of the cosmetic product formulation that the base formulation will be used in.

    When you are filing the first three or more cosmetic product formulations with the original base formulation, leave the BASE CPIS NO. blank since the number has yet to be assigned. Use a heavy clip or rubber band to secure the cosmetic product formulations to the base formulation.

  • With later cosmetic product formulations enter the 7-digit CPIS number as found on the Official Receipt that you received as acknowledgment of your base formulation filing.

Mill-base formulation techniques; Paint defects - causes, resolution

. Antioxidant activity of cosmetic formulations containing the methanolic extract from the shell, compared the base formulations, expressed in μmol Trolox/g.