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“Then why did she have your sons in the car at 1:30 in the morning with BB guns?” Eiten asked.

Daisy Powerline 340 Pistol

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  • Court records show that on August 2, two men got into a fight over a woman that led to an exchange of fire with BB guns and the death of the father of one of the two men.

    As you can see there are many options from several BB gun manufacturers. Crosman and Daisy BB guns are excellent and have great reviews. Some of the Umarex BB guns are good choices while others may not be. Read the reviews on each model before buying one. I have owned several Crosman and Daisy BB guns in the past and recommend them. I currently own a Daisy Powerline 880 rifle and a Crosman 1322 pistol. Both are great guns and I would recommend both.

  • MESA, AZ - Court records show that on August 2, two men got into a fight over a woman that led to an exchange of fire with BB guns and the death of the father of one of the two men.

    If you are looking for cheap BB guns then you have quite a lot models to look at. When I talk about cheap BB guns, I’m referring to BB guns under $50.00. Crosman, Umarex and Daisy make several BB guns for under $50.00. Some are multi-pump, spring air and CO2. There are pistols and rifles available in this price range some of which could be used for hunting as well as target shooting.

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  • WARNING: You must be 18 or older to purchase BB Guns. All BB Guns are shipped FedEx and require an adult signature upon delivery.
    WARNING: BB Guns cannot be shipped to California, Connecticut, Chicago Metro Area, New York Metro Area, New Jersey, Delaware, Puerto Rico, Canada or Virgin Islands. Please check your State, County and City laws for restrictions before ordering BB Guns.  If you place an order from one of these areas, your order will be cancelled and your credit card will not be charged.
    We are unable to ship airguns into San Francisco CA, Washington DC, Chicago IL, Morton Grove IL, Buffalo NY, Philadelphia PA, Bronx NY, Brooklyn NY, Long Island City NY, Manhattan NY, Queens NY, New York City NY, and Staten Island NY. Persons in New Jersey need a permit for any air gun. Persons in Michigan need a permit for any pellet air gun. We cannot ship co2 to Puerto Rico, Alaska or Hawaii. We have no control over the laws in your state or city, and we reserve the right to refuse your order. If you place an order from any of these areas, it will be cancelled immediately. Your credit card will not be billed, and you will not receive the product(s). By using this website you agree that it is fully your responsiblility to abide by your local, state and federal laws regarding air, pellet and bb guns.
    Michigan residents, .177 CALIBER AIR RIFLES CAN BE PURCHASED DIRECTLY ON THE WEB SITE AND WILL BE SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOU. No air pistols of any caliber can be sold to you unless the proper permits are issued by the State and local authorities.
    According to Michigan law Sec. 222. As used in this chapter: (b) "Firearm" means a weapon from which a dangerous projectile may be propelled by an explosive, or by gas or air. Firearm does not include a smooth bore rifle or handgun designed and manufactured exclusively for propelling by a spring, or by gas or air, Bb's not exceeding .177 caliber.

    A police report obtained by the news station says a homeless man named Travis Martin called police around 1:00 AM on Sunday morning and told them he had been shot at by a BB guns from a vehicle.

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They are also called pneumatic guns, BB pellet guns, pellet rifles, air pistols, air rifles, pellet guns, and BB guns. There are many different styles of BB guns and pellet guns, from wood stock to all-weather synthetic stocks or single shot to semi-auto repeaters. We're positive you'll be able to find just the right gun from our arsenal.