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Intex Raised Downy Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump, Queen, Bed Height 22"

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  • Adjustable Bed Risers are an ideal way to raise your bedskirt off the floor or instantly create additional underneath storage space. With these in place, you can make room for tubs, boxes and other items. You can also enjoy the benefits of an elevated sleep space in a room with a television or windows, as you'll have a better view of everything surrounding you. The bed leg or caster fits securely into the recessed cup built into each one. With such a tight fit, you will not have to worry about excess movement or instability. With the home bed risers, you can elevate your furniture piece 3", 5" or 8" higher. They are made with quality materials to ensure they hold up against regular use. The Creative Bath bed risers also blend seamlessly with all frames and decor for a uniform look. Change the height of your furniture with ease using this simple-to-install product.

    Lift one leg of the bed frame at a time, place a riser (or stack of risers) under it and then lower the leg onto the riser, making sure that the leg fits inside the hole or groove; repeat with each leg. Most bed risers have holes cut in the top to prevent the legs from slipping off the risers.

  • Adjust the bed risers to the desired height, or combine stackable risers. If you have fixed-height bed risers, no adjustment is necessary; bed risers are commonly sold in 2-, 4- and 6-inch sizes.

    i love this ! i was scared it was not going to fit with my yourzone futon, but it did ! my futon was so short then i put the small bed risers on it and it looked good, then i tryed the big bed risers on it and it looks awsome !

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  • How to Raise a Bed. Raising a bed can add valuable storage space under the mattress. It is also a popular option because many people enjoy the feel of a higher bed. You can purchase bed risers, sometimes called bed lifters, from most home improvement stores. Some bed risers can be adjusted so you can raise or lower your bed, as needed. There are also stackable bed risers that allow you to select the bed height by using multiple risers together. Raising the bed can decrease the bed's stability, so test the adjustment to avoid accidents.

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