Belkin router problems break the internet for many.

Finding your Belkin router's user name and password is as easy as 1,2,3.

Belkin N300 Wireless N Router (Latest Generation)

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  • please help i got charter internet my belkin router will not connect to the internet model f5d7234 all i get is a yellow trangle when no connection on my phone it says conneted but its not yellow trangle on it to… im sorry for being not able to explain better just dont know what to do but cry : ( thank you very much for any help i have tryed for days and belkin wants to charge me 125.00 dollors to help me !!!ty shelby

    For all those who tried above method but failed ( mee too).
    1) connect Belkin router as explained above….use only wifi method to connect with your PC(do not connect with Lan wire)…you can get wifi key written below of router.
    2) type CMD in run….type IPCONFIG in CMD….it will show you default gateway Ip…which is mainly
    3) type on internet explorer and you will get Belkin set up page. Kindly update this page as per your internet configuration

  • Hi Alice,
    Do you see the wireless light lit on the router! Refresh your network list and check whether your network is listed or not! or else you have to setup Belkin router changing the network name (SSID)

    i just bought Belkin router the people that are using network cable can browse but people using wireless can not connect to the router. please help me it is urgent

  • Belkin's N750 Wireless Dual Band N+ Router ($129.99) has some improvements over the last Belkin router I reviewed, the . The N750 has much better throughput than the Play Max and is still well-stocked with features, plus it has a cool, unusual new look. On the other hand I don't like the fact that Belkin still insists on not equipping LAN ports with LEDs, making troubleshooting connectivity issues trickier. I also ran into some software issues while testing.

Belkin router problems started with a self heal option.

If your network is password protected then change security from WEP to WPA or WPA to WEP (Wireled Equivalency Privacy). Disable the Belkin router firewall and WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) option of router and see if you can connect. You can also enter the MAC address of PSP manually configure the connection.