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This bike Needs An OIL CHANGE!!! BIG TIME!!

Need for the Bike

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  • Every stunt bike needs to be as light as possible, it adds to more control on the machine, so every bit of extra chunk on the body of the bike must be removed. This is the reason why naked bikes are more preferred for stunting over fully faired motorcycles.

    Should I Buy Something "Used"?
    Perhaps. If you can find a suitable machine that is used and at a decent price, get it. Here is the rub-- none of these exotic bikes are readily available used and if the used bike needs work that may complicate matters as well. There are a few specialty sites that have some of these posted now and then. There are also specialty items like these listed on ebay at times. My thought is that it cannot hurt to look. A word of ebay caution though. These are often expensive items, so these are sometimes listed as bogus listings on ebay where someone just keeps your money and vanishes. Know who you're dealing with and be careful! One other concern is shipping. Most of these big bikes cost hundreds of dollars to ship. Picking these up in person is often your best bet and that may also avoid certain dangers with sending a lot of money for something you have never seen in person. Also, shipping a big thing like an exotic bike can easily get a frame bent and that can become a major hassle, insurance-covered or not-- After all, where will you find a replacement if a used exotic is damaged? And if you need to repair an exotic frame who will you be comfortable with making such a repair on your costly cycle?

  • Why every bike needs a good bell
    The need for a basket or panniers, a nicer seat, or even a helmet are, in my opinion, all up for debate on whether they are necessary, but I think there's no debate that every cyclist needs a bell. Bells, along with lights, are not just for your own safety, but they make cycling safer for other cyclists, pedestrians and car drivers. And, I think, they can help make the flow of an urban transportation system work as well as it can.

    Your bicycle doesn’t run on leg power alone. It also needs a little lube, a lotta­ love, and a good ­listen. You may not know every remedy your bike needs to live a long life, but you can gain enough wisdom along the way to keep it in tip-top shape and out of the shop. This collection of mostly timeless advice (until advances in bicycle technology make some of it obsolete) will guide you through the role of primary caregiver—so you can leave the tough stuff to the professionals. Looking for more?

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