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  • Bikes for Kids Foundation is a Non-Profit charitable organiza- tion located in San Diego, California. It was founded with the purpose of doing something good for needy children. The kids come from broken homes, orphanages, and low income situations where the children normally receive very little, if anything at all for the holidays. Bikes for Kids was founded by both Bill Pollakov and his wife, Debbie Pollakov. Bill is currently the President and CEO of The Pollakov Financial Group, Inc., located in La Jolla, California. His firm is one of the most prestigious financial planning firms in the county. Bill and Debbie do not want any notoriety from this project. Simply put, Bikes for Kids was created with the intention to give back to the community and build a foundation that will help needy children for years to come.

    We believe that Bikes for Kids is a wonderful cause. 100% of the money raised goes towards the purchase of bikes and helmets. All participants involved in the process are strictly volunteers.

  • Finding out which balance bike is best for your toddler depends on a lot of things. All the bikes listed above are great starter bikes for kids. To find out which one to get, you should first know how big/tall is your child, and in what height and weight percentile is he or she in. Your kid might just be 2 years old yet he’s tall for his age.

    Very interesting. Seems the folks in Munich are as susceptible as the rest of the country to popularity of Like-A-Bike-like walking bikes for little kids. But the new Kids' BMW Bike adds a twist--or a crank: you can attach a pedal-gear module that converts the rig to an actual bike.

    "Bikes For Kids"  is located in  Old Saybrook, Connecticut
    and works with Kids, Families, and Communities mostly
    in The Southern New England / Connecticut  area.

  • Different ages require different kinds – you can choose between electric and gas-powered ones. Younger ones are much better off using electric as it is much safer and easier to use. The following are the best dirt bikes for kids for the money. They all cost under $1000. Please note, I haven’t included gas-powered brands such as Yamaha and Kawasaki; if you’re after those, then skip towards the end of this article where I’ll show you where you can get good deals.

fun way for kids to ride around ..

Reviewers say the Cobra is a tad heavy, especially compared to pricier mountain bikes with aluminum frames. Despite that, they say their kids have little trouble maneuvering the bike. Parents say this is a good bike for kids to first learn about riding in different gears, but note that smaller kids may have trouble shifting through all of them. Unlike bikes for younger kids, the Cobra comes with hand brakes instead of coaster brakes; reviewers say they're reliable and easy to use. While most say seat height is easy to adjust, initial assembly receives mixed reviews. Bike enthusiasts and mechanically inclined reviewers say it was easy, but several parents say the instructions lacked specifics and recommend having a professional help out.