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  • TAG : We've manufactured and distributed Billy Bob Teeth since 1994
  • More ergonomically, natural-shaped pacifiers are now commonplace. However, I must say that I have never seen a human nipple take that odd shape. I recently saw some novelty Billy Bob pacifiers with buck teeth already attached to them, so parents can find out how those chronic pacifier-users are going to appear in a few years.

    Any boy names for a wild child or a bad baby, will work just fine with this Billy Bob Pacifier. Comes with our silicone orthodontic “NUK” style soother that all babies love. Get out of your cradle and head to daycare with your “BAD ASS” pacifier!

  • Jonah White, Billy Bob Products (pacifier)
    Jonah invented his first baby pacifier in 1998 when his wife, Renee (honeybuns) was pregnant with our oldest child -- Sydney. Since that day I have manufactured, in factories more than 5 million unique, fun, Billy Bob pacifiers. Currently, Jonah has a Reality Show on the Discovery Channel called "Billy Bob’s Gags to Riches." A focal point of the show is Jonah helping inventors like himself, chasing the American Dream. Several of the inventors that he has had on the show, so far, have invented baby pacifiers and baby products. A handful of these products were passed on because they could not be made safe and would never pass safety testing. As a company owner, an advantage that we have at the Billy Bob Teeth Company, is that we own our factory in Taiwan. They have made baby products for us since 1998. Many factories cut corners by changing out paints, after testing has been completed and before the production run is finished. The end result is part of this shipment will pass testing and part of the shipment has high levels of lead paint. This is the major reason how lead paint can be present in juvenile products in the United States. The only way we have found to avoid this situation is to own the factory ourselves.

    I didn’t give my daughter a pacifier when she was a baby, but if I had I totally would have invested in one of these hilarious Billybob pacifiers. In a world of sweet pastels and cutesy cartoon characters, these wild pacis offer some much needed comic relief. I mean, imagine peeking into a new mom’s stroller only to see a newborn with two giant front teeth. For that reaction alone, the pacifiers are totally worth it.

    01.Billy Bob Teeth - Original w/ Braces
    02.Pacifier Billy Bob Baby Bugs
    03.Billy Bob Teeth - Deliverance - Radioactive
    04.Zombie Feet Sandals Large
    05.Billy Bob Teeth - Puck w/ Cavity
    06.Billy Bob Mullet Brown Hair
    07.Billy Bob Teeth - Austin Powers
    08.Billy Bob Teeth - Disco Lite Up
    09.Billy Bob Teeth - Quarter Buck w/ Cavity
    10.Dr. Bailey's Instant Smile Instant Smile Teeth
    11.Billy Bob Pacifier - Lil Vampire
    12.Pacifier Baby Teeth Chomp

  • Billy Bob Pacifier: Lil' Sherlock"

    By Billy Bob Teeth

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    Babies in Vegas know that what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas (unlike your money)! This Billy Bob Pacifier comes with our silicone orthodontic “NUK” style soother that my baby loves. Boy or girl, you won’t shoot craps with this fun baby pacifier!

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