Here's the Bisquick Miracle Way of Making Biscuits

Mini chicken pot pies made w/ Bisquick. I can see why everyone keeps pinning this!

Bisquick All Purpose Mix, 80 Ounce

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  • Amazing! This recipe saved me a trip to the store, and then made sure I’d never need Bisquick again. Now I’ve got 2 L of homemade Bisquick mix in the fridge and I am surfing for Bisquick recipes. I think I’ll do the lemon bars next. I’m not, in general, a big fan of lard or shortening, but there is nothing like it for pie crust. And frankly, I’m much more comfortable with lard or shortening than the list of stabilizers, additives and preservatives that come with any processed foods…

    Thank you I am an American living in Australia and bisquick is hard to find and expensive when I find it so this will help out big time when I get a craving for some American style food!!!

  • So you use equal parts of this like you would of bisquick? To make dumplingd I would follow the same bisquick recipe but use this and same measurments as bisquick?

    everywhere should raise a toast to Bisquick, that ubiquitous mix of flour, fat, salt, and baking powder. It may be hard to imagine today, when grocery store aisles are lined with an endless array of , but there was a time when the idea of just adding water to a prepared mix and ending up with a light and fluffy biscuit was a revolutionary concept. But when General Mills’ , there was nothing quite like it on the market.

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    I am all about easy breakfast ideas. I bet these taste like coffee cake since they are made with bisquick? Thank you so much for sharing on Trick or Treat Tuesday.

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It makes about 6 cups of mix. Does your bundt cake recipe call for Bisquick? If so, you'd just follow the recipe as written, substituting the same amount of this homemade mix for the Bisquick.