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  • When they got married, Tim and his wife picked out their new Bissell vacuum cleaner from Consumer Reports’ list of top vacs. It was the most reliable for the money (around $250) and their first few years with it were glorious. Then it developed an inconvenient problem: part of the canister door fell off, and the entire door would always fall into the trash. It was a minor annoyance, but something they shouldn’t have to bother with for an appliance that’s under warranty. Right?

    Big Lots is having a 20% off sale today only until 10pm! Alex and I went to score some sweet finds, and boy, did we ever! The vacuum we currently have was made before we were born, seriously. Big Lots had one Bissell vacuum, refurbished, and on sale for $40! With the 20% off we only paid 32 for a Bissell vacuum! Whoo-hoo! We just tried it out for 10 seconds on our carpet and you would not believe the cat hair… ground into the carpet… that our old vacuum never even came close to. We are very happy with our purchase.

  • Originally, I expected the Dyson vacuums to outperform the pack by large swaths. I have since come to see Dyson vacuums as status symbols more than anything. They perform well, certainly, but they cost an arm and a leg and with the exception of pet hair on hard floors, the only Dyson to outperform the Bissell was the $649.99 . For far less, this Bissell vacuum consistently tested as one of the best. It is simple to use, feels reliably constructed, and offers welcome features like a removable canister and well-designed extension wand.

    During the early morning hours of July 27, officers were called to the Davies Plantation area after at least one suspect walked into the victim’s garage and took off with several items including a Bissell Vacuum and several golf clubs.

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    By using strategic marketing campaigns to promote these pet-friendly products, Bissell positioned itself as a company that simplifies home cleaning with respect to the reality of home messes. These marketing ventures are still in effect today, with an entire site devoted to pet lovers and the Bissell pet community. The Bissell Little Green line cashed in on the global trend towards environmentally friendly products, utilizing post-consumer material to make the vacuum cleaner bissell cleaning machines. These new bisell products geared toward niches in consumer needs have secured Bissell vacuum cleaners as a must-have in the modern American family.

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Under her leadership, the Bissell vacuum line expanded to include deep carpet cleaners (using heated water to better penetrate deep-down dirt), carpet shampoos to easily clean carpets, and lightweight vacuums for maneuverability and storage in smaller homes. Following in the barrier-breaking footsteps of Anna Bissell, today's Bissell products are constantly improved to better suit consumer cleaning needs around the home. The release of Pet Inspired products (such as the Pet Hair Eraser Corded Hand Vacuum in 2008) that were specifically designed to tackle pet messes gave consumers a relationship with the Bissell brand.