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  • My advice, when it comes to blank DVDs, stick with major brands. Also, if you have questions about a particular brand of blank DVD, you can also touch base with tech support for you particular and find out if the manufacturer for your DVD has a listing of brands of blank DVDs to avoid, or a list of acceptable blank DVD brands.

    In addition, make sure you purchase blank DVDs that are designated for either Video Use Only or both Video and Data use. Do not buy blank DVDs that are labeled for Data Use Only, as these are intended to be used only with PCs.

  • On this week's edition of "," Eisen passed along a version of the story from Warren Sapp, who was a teammate of Russell's on the . The coaches would send Russell home with a game-plan DVD loaded with plays and ideas to study. Suspecting that their bonus-baby quarterback was skipping his homework, the coaches slipped in a blank DVD one day. When Russell returned, he reportedly said the game plan looked good to him.

    Answer: Blank DVDs can be found in most consumer electronics and computer stores, usually in the computer department. Since prices vary, I will not quote any here. The main thing to remember is to get discs that are of the same format as your recorder. For example, if you have a DVD recorder that records in the DVD+R/+RW format make sure you buy discs that have that label on the packaging. You cannot use a +R disc in a -R recorder or vice versa. However, many now record in both the - and + formats. If so, then this certainly gives you more blank disc purchasing options. If you not sure what format discs your DVD recorder uses, take your user manual to the store with you and get assistance from a salesperson to help you find the right format discs.

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    Regardless of the veracity of the blank DVD story, Russell's work ethic was deplorable in Oakland. He , went , might have been addicted to "" and essentially ate himself out of the NFL.

Question: What about blank DVD discs?

When it comes to evaluating blank discs, it s hard to nail down exactly the differences between brands. The only real way to know where a disc is from is to dig deep into what s called the Media ID. And even if you know that, companies will often change their suppliers year to year. This is why reputation is important. Luckily, there are a few brands that have a consistent track record for selling high-quality blank DVDs.