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This is the full length and downloadable version of “Rubber Boat Pig Play” in HD quality!

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    The Dartmouth Boat Playground is located in Ferry Terminal Park on the eastern shore of the harbour. It features a larger hulled boat , more pretend nautical instruments, a slide and lush grass surrounding the springy, rubber surfaced play area. If you have the time, it’s just a 12 minute ferry ride and a 3 minute stroll between the two waterfront play areas. This summer, a co-operative venture between the city. Metro Transit and a number of cultural organizations, is creating historical theatre as passengers chug their way across between landfalls. I just found out about and will be hopping aboard with Noah and Nellie some day soon to enjoy a period piece.

  • Ice Boats Water Play: Water and ice are great for sensory play with kids as it engages children into a world of exploration and wonder. To make our water and ice sensory play experience a little more fun we turned the ice blocks into boats with a few simple materials.

    The Halifax Boat Playground is located on the waterfront directly south of the . Noah and I have had a lot of swashbuckling adventures here. This fishing boat seems to be a hybrid between a and a trawler but can easily pass muster as a pirate on the Spanish Main. It has four levels to explore – the working deck as you come aboard back aft, above the wheelhouse, the bow with planked bowsprit and below decks – accessible only with difficulty by adults. If you need to get in under there it will be a crawling situation. Watch out for possible head bumping on cross beams.

  • The big Halifax playground development story this season is the decommissioning of the boat play structure located immediately to the south of the . After nearly 25 years, the old wooden fishing boat is headed for its final berth.

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