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Braun Juicer User Manual

Braun CJ3050 TributeCollection Citrus Juicer, 220-volt

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  • You've found a vintage Braun Citromatic electric citrus juicer, model MPZ4/5 (type 4173). Designed by Ludwig Litmann in 1982, this Braun Citromatic electric juicer has scratches from normal use and minor darkening to the plastic from age. This Braun juicer is chip- and crack-free, and works properly. It is good for lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits. This Braun Citromatic juicer was made in Spain.

    The Braun juicer uses a powerful 800 W motor to quickly break up fruit and vegetables so you can create smooth or textured juices to your own specification. It is capable of making a fresh glass of juice in just 15 seconds.

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    Client - Procter & Gamble
    Product - BRAUN Juicer
    Agency - BBDO Proximity
    Production & Postproduction - The Marmalade
    Director - Torsten Eichten

    Short Description BRAUN JUICER S/ST MULTI SPIN
    Brand BRAUN HH
    Type Juicer
    color Grey
    Power 1000 Watt
    Speed 2
    Extra Feature 1 Large Filling Tube
    Extra Features Anti Drip

  • Braun Juicer MP32
    This is for a BRAUN Juicer model MP 32. Braun is well known for its excellent craftsmanship. This juicer was made in WEST GERMANY. It is a model that does not separate the pulp from the juice. However, I have been told by many users that they prefer this type of juicer because it is much more efficient in removing more juice from the pulp which it is.

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Back in January I picked up a Braun juicer at a local thrift shop. Here’s a picture of the bad boy. He’s older. But I’m cool with that. He gets the job done and personally, I love his avocado green accents.