I like the Wall-E bubble machine. 🙂

How easy is the bubble machine to use?

Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine

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  • This is the largest component of a bubble machine. It consists of a water-proof reservoir, usually made of plastic, where the bubble solution is stored.

    Depending on the needs of the buyer, different types of bubble machines may be appropriate. A person looking to buy a machine for a single, small event may have different needs from someone who intends to get multiple uses from the machine. Generally, machines are broken into commercial and personal types. Within these types, other differences may separate specific models.
    Personal bubble machines are usually smaller and often geared toward use by children. They may be battery-powered and have brightly colored plastic casings. These machines will usually hold only small amounts of solution and are generally less expensive than commercial models.
    are a better choice for people using the machine for large events. These machines are usually larger, and the reservoir will hold more bubble solution. They also have stronger motors and are built to withstand a lot of use. Depending on the model, commercial machines may also have special effects such as lighting and even music that can accompany the bubbles.
    One of the best ways to determine which type of machine to buy is to consider the volume of bubbles required for an event. If a buyer wishes to fill a large space, like a sports arena or ball room, the machine will need to be larger and sturdier. If the goal is to simply create bubbles for a single indoor room or for casual, outdoor use, a smaller machine is sufficient.

  • The CHAUVET® B-250 is CHAUVET's mid-level bubble machine, designed for larger areas, where portability remains a top need. It features an all plastic construction to prevent rust and lower weight, with an easily removable fluid tank. This unit is perfect for a mobile DJ, home birthday party or any other small event.

    The SpongeBob SquarePants™ Motorized Bubble Machine is an interactive and automatic bubble blower! Just power on to start continuous bursts of bubbles! A bubble wand is also included, so you can blow bubbles along with SpongeBob.

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    Once the machine's type and size have been decided, there are several other things that must be considered when narrowing down bubble machine models:

Bubble Machine is Safe, Cool to play and Free!

Our friends little boy has developed a fascination with bubbles ever since we had them at our wedding. He adores them and watching him try to blow them provides hours of entertainment. This big bubble machine now takes it to an entire new level of fun and his parents are extremely thankful for the distraction - note to parents and babysitters alike! Thanks.