Jacob Sartorius Prank Calls Walmart!

Prank Calling Walmart

Walmart Prank Call [Explicit]

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  • I purchased a kitchen faucet at one of my local walmarts..It is washerless..It has a bad drip from the hot side..Had original box and receipt..took it back..was told they no longer carried that brand and would have to call manufacturer. .Well box plainly states warranted by Walmart and inside instructions..warranted by walmart..well..Couldn’t get intouch with Manufacturer..so called walmart got routed to 3 different people..last one says someone will return your call in 24 hrs..well it was over 3 days time..get return call and this person tells me to contact manufacturer…hmmm here we go again..I explain about not able to reach them and what the box states that it is an exclusive item sold and warranted by WALMART…so this person says well I will have to have someone from our merchandising dept call you..GIVE THEM 24 HRS..It has now been a full 7 days…IF THIS IS ACTUALLY GOING TO THE CORPORATE OFFICE AND BEING READ..ANY SUGGESTIONS.. (I’ve talked to the store manager and got..Call Walmart Corp office…This was not a cheap item…

    I purchased a 39 inch Sanyo Flat Screen TV in October of 2013. I also purchased a 2 year extended warrenty for the TV. In September of 2014 my TV began developing volume control issues where the volume would go out completely. I contacted the warrenty company, Asurion to begin the repair process. Asurion sent me a larg shipping box with packing material, TV Shiping Instructions, and a return UPS label. I packaged the TV as instructed and shipped it back to the service center, called Service Center Warenty Logistics. I was soon contacted by Asurion. They explained to me that they were shipping the TV back to me unrepaired because the service center found the tv had a cracked scren. When I complained that did not have a cracked screen when I shipped it to them they told me that unless the box was physically damaged they would not file a claim with UPS. They told me that I could file a claim with UPS if I wanted to. Asurion and Service Center Warrenty Logistics is insinuating that I am a liar, and that are not going to honor the service agreement because the tv is damage beyond the scope of theier contract. I called WalMart Corprate and they called Asurion and then put me on with Asurion and left the call! I am so frustrated with the whole process. I now am sruck with a tv that is damaged more then when I activated the warranty and Walmart doesn’t care, Asurion doesn’t care, and Service Center Warranty Logistics sure doesn’t care. So much for customer loyalty by Walmart. I will never shop at Walmart again!!!

  • I found my receipt and called the WalMart Van Buren and they told me it had been too long and they couldn’t do anything about the Hoover SteamVac that I had purchased from them. I understand; however it is aggravating. Thank you.
    Patricia M. Stephens

    Why is it so hard to get in contact with the Walmart in Suffolk County NY, Islandia, store # they have the worst customer service there. I have trying call walmart store for 2 days and the phone just ring, ring ring. I even try at a different time AM, PM, AFTERNOON. I tried on Monday, and Tuesday which is today. I finally got a employee and she said I will transfer you, it just rung no one answered….I have been a resident in that town since 1970. That store needs a Good cleaning up and Out. I recently started shopping there again. in July. 2015. Because its badly run Inventory is poor. Its Dirty, the lines are always long( lack of cashiers). The prices are always incorrect(Scanning Department). The shells are poorly stock. (stocking department). I have spoken to the Manager there several times about the problem at that time. He didnt seem to care. The problem right now is my layaway there.

  • I returned an in item to your Manchester, NH store on 12/5. I spoke to the storeo on Monday they told me 3-5 days to s show the credit on my debit card. I received a call from the manager after my complaint on this policy he told me 3-5 BUSINESS days and that it is on my bank to release the money to my account. I called my bank today and was told the credit was applied but then reversed IMMEDIATELY. I called Walmarts 800 number and it is out of service. I call the store and I am now told 10 days and they can’t imagine it was reversed it was my bank. I asked to have the transcation verified and they will do so. Basically when they feel like it, no urgency it is not their money. She was not even going to take the transaction information I had to insist she do so. I am done with Walmart this is ridiculous. What I returned was unopened, well within the 90 day window and I had my receipt

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On Oct 4 2013 we needed tires on my Jaguar, called walmart in lebanon pa and they said they had a great deal on tires, ( which was true the price was great ) however they could not lift the car without damaging the undercarriage. Fine we jacked up the car and removed all wheels and took them to the store. My husband even asked that they were able to change them since they were low profile rims and tires. Yes no problem they said. When they were done with all 4 wheels they came out and said that one rim was cracked, and that is was brought in that way. Well no it was fine and if it had already been cracked they would have called him back before they finished the job. In addition to that there were 2 rims that were not sealed properly either. Walmart stores and corporate have refused to take responsability and fix the issues.