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Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag (15 Cubic Feet)

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  • Thule Mountaineer Car Top Carrier

    "Full-size cargo box perfect for your family vacation on a mountain top or on the beach. 17 cu. ct. Capacity; 100 pound carrying capacity; 91.5 in. L, 28.2 in. W, 16.6 in. H. Fully assembled. Carries 6-8 sets of skis. Mounts to most removable and factory-installed roof racks with at least a 150 pound capacity"

    A car top carrier is great to have if you're traveling with golf clubs, skis or a lot of luggage. Sears is one store that carries a nice selection of car top carriers by Thule and X Cargo. You can find a range of different carriers in various sizes and styles. Some of these carriers are quite large and can fit a large of baggage and equipment, whereas others are smaller.

  • X-Cargo X-Treme Car Top Carrier

    "Aerodynamic 16 cu. ft. carrier holds up to 100 lbs. of evenly distributed cargo and is perfectly sized to allow rear hatch access to SUVs and cross-over vehicles. Holds luggage, camping gear, sports equipment and more. Fits most vans, SUVs and cross-over vehicles with factory-installed or aftermarket roof rack systems rated at 150 lbs. or more."

    If you have a luggage rack, you're in great shape. Generally, factory racks are rated from 75 to 250 pounds. It's important you check and follow the limit. Most any car top carrier bag can be strapped into any rack as long as it has raised bars. If your luggage rack has crossbars running the width of the car, you can also use either a roof basket or a rooftop cargo box. Consider the following when choosing a roof cargo solution:

    Thule 682 SideKick Roof Top Cargo Carrier

    Thule 682 Sidekick car roof top cargo carriers and rooftop luggage boxes.
    8 cubic feet of fully locking gear storage.

    SKU Number: 682

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    Sport 3 Car Top Carrier On SUV
    Sport 1 Car Top Carrier
    Sport 1 Car Top Carrier On Crossover
    Sport Jr Car Top Carrier
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    Attach To Roof Rack
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    Attach By Car Clips (sold separately)

    1. are easy to install. Attach the straps to your rack over the carrier and you're ready to go. They fold up small when you're finished. Car top bags should be packed full so the bag material doesn't flap in the wind. The key to choosing a good bag is to consider the material it's made from. Cheap bags are made of thin material with flimsy zippers. Polyester material is UV resistant and a good choice, while nylon carriers will break down under the sun. Dual-layered material with a vinyl backing really resists the water. Good car top bags offer urethane coated zippers and liner systems as additional measures to keep water off your gear.

    2. offer a sturdy structure to lift your gear off of the vehicle rooftop. Roof baskets are easy to strap cargo bags and nets to, and they offer a nice rigid base with sidewalls. A basket paired with a car top bag is a great setup offering the user much flexibility.

    3. are very easy to pack. A roof box requires a luggage rack with crossbars or a sport bar system on your vehicle. They are generally the most expensive rooftop option, and you have to consider whether or not you are going to leave it on your car all the time or store it in your garage. You'll need to pack them full or use a net inside to hold the gear in place so it doesn't rattle around. Make sure you pick a box that doesn't extend over the front windshield to catch updraft. Also remember your gear will be limited to the interior height of the box or the box won't latch shut.

    4. A new product called a is a large cargo bag that hangs from the luggage rack or steel car hooks on the back of the wagons, suvs, and vans. It hangs under the rear window so your view is not blocked. Car back carriers are easiest to load, don't require much lifting, and also cause no aerodynamic drag. Since they ride behind the car, they don't get the extreme force of weather like rooftop carriers do. They won't work with traditional sedans with trunks. {Editor's note: In August 2008, a Great American RoadTrip Forum member purchased this product and used it on her family road trip. !}

    5. No luggage rack? No worries! Some car top bags offer car clips that can hook on ledges on the side of your car and other car top carriers offer that allow you to strap through the inside of the car and over the carrier.

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Margaret – such memroies flooding back to me. We had a small mini-van and also purchased a car top carrier. It attached with straps. It wasn’t long before we discovered as we approached the speed limit on the interstate that the air traveling under the car top carrier was also vibrating the straps! We could barely hear anyone speak in the car because we sounded like a huge bumble bee. I have a feeling that other cars on the road could also hear us – I think that car top carrier was never used again. Can’t wait to hear part two of your story.