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Cleaning the carburetor on your lawn mower increases the engine's ... Use vinegar as a carburetor cleaner fluid instead of paying for...

Gumout 800002230 Carb and Choke Cleaner, 16 oz.

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  • A: Hi Don, glad to assist you! The Gunk Carburetor Parts Cleaner - Complete Kit (Part No. CC3K) is not compatible with plastics. Gunk Carb-Medic carburetor parts cleaner is a complete cleaning system that includes a parts basket and an effective solvent cleaner formulated to thoroughly clean metal parts in the shop, garage, or home. The solvent is an environmentally responsible formula that's non-corrosive, and yet can remove soil and grime deposits, as well as paint and varnish. Plus, an added brightener gives metal parts a factory-fresh appearance. If you have dirty parts, clean them up with the Gunk Carb-Medic carburetor parts cleaning system!

    The Wynns Fuel Injection & Carburettor Cleaner is a cleaning product in an aerosol designed to eliminate dirt and deposits in the air intake manifold, the throttle valve and on the visible carburettor parts.

  • Acetone is a wise choice for wiping welding areas clean before starting an arc, but don’t ever use brake or carburetor cleaner; the gas it puts off when welding is toxic.

    Can’t find the original formulation Yamaha carburetor cleaner anymore. Berrymans B-12 contains similar chemicals (2-Butoxyethanol and Xylene) plus other nasties, and is meant to mix with gas in the tank. This may be the closest thing to the Yamaha product. Here is the MSDS sheet.

    SHARPERTEK® Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital PRO Series 4 LITER. Tank Dimensions 12" x 6" x 3.75" ( L x W x H ). Made In The USA
    Ultrasonic Cleaner with Sweep and Degas XPS360-6L 11.75" × 6" × 6" (Tank L × W × Depth) Made In The USA
    SharperTek Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning System XPS360-8L 11.75" × 9.5" × 4" Made in the USA
    SharperTek Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning System XPS450-11L - 3 Gal. - Tank Dimensions 12"×9"×6" (L×W×H) - Made in the USA
    SharperTek Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning System SH500-15L 4 Gal. Tank Dimensions 12"×11"×6" (L×W×H) Made In The USA
    Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner 20 Liter 5.3 Gal. Tank Dimensions 12.5"×11"×10" (L×W×H) - Made in the USA - Voted Best Product by Sharpertek!
    SharperTek Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning System with Sweep SH600-25L- 7.5 Gallons. Tank Dimensions 18.5"×11.5"×8" (L×W×H) - Made in the USA
    SharperTek Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning System with Sweep SH720-36L- 10 Gallons Made in the USA
    Sharpertek Extra-Powerful Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning System with Sweep SH960-36L- Tank Dimensions 19.5"×11"×10" (L×W×H) Made in the USA
    Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner Made in the USA 18 Gallon. Tank Inside Dimensions: 24"×19"×9" (L×W×H)
    Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 40 Gallons. Tank Inside Dimensions: 26"×18"×20" (L×W×H)
    Carburetor Varnish and Shellac Remover
    Ultrasonic Filtration System (Optional on all models)
    Sharpertek SC20 (1220) Degreaser / Carburetor Cleaner

  • A: Hi Sparky, I'm glad to assist you! This Gunk Carburetor Parts Cleaner is not available in 5 Gallon. Once you enter your Zip Code into the Advance Auto Parts' website you will see the accurate price for this item. For more details about the shipping information, please click the below link:

Carburetor Cleaner | True Value

Last weekend I learned that getting aerosol-propelled carburetor cleaning fluid into your eye is one of the worst pains a man can know. Seriously, imagine your eyelid turning into a coarse file, superheated and electrified. So lesson one is BE CAREFUL.