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  • Of course, cheap 50cc mopeds are indeed cheaper than the bigger motorcycles and of course are cheaper than purchasing automobiles. In fact, you can buy a moped for a price as low as 490 pounds.

    With gas prices rising, cheap 50cc mopeds are posing themselves as ideal economic solutions for personal transportation. That is quite true. First, they have motors that are only 50cc compared to the bigger motors of bigger bikes that are at least 150cc. While this means lower power and lower speeds, mopeds actually help you help you with your financial problems because their low power means lower consumption of gasoline. Their tanks are also smaller so full refills are cheaper compared to their larger counterparts.

  • If you are look at cheap 50cc mopeds, you’ll find that they are pleasing to the eye. Their small sizes and bright designs can be called “cute” and this is part of their appeal to the younger generation. In fact, in some countries, cheap 50cc mopeds are heavily modified to improve its aesthetics or even to introduce new functionalities like a sound system. They may also be modified to improve their power, though this is only done if the owner is engaged in moped racing as a sport.

    The market has responded appropriately. For example, motorcycle manufacturers like Yamaha, Honda and many others have started producing cheap 50cc mopeds so people who need a form of transportation can still get one without having to spend a lot of money for it. Mopeds are miniatures of regular-sized motorcycles, with less than their power and of course less than their power consumption. Now, are cheap 50cc mopeds really worth the investment you would put into them? Here are some reasons why you should purchase 50cc mopeds for your personal transportation needs.

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