Cost of Cloth Diapering Using Fancy Cloth VS Disposable

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  • I have just a couple comments. First of all, I basically agree with Carrie’s conclusion – with the first child, the cost of cloth diapering and disposable diapering are on par with one another, but with additional children, cloth diapering does become cheaper.

    Recently, when The Simple Dollar , there were several commentors who asked for a cost benefit for . While there are lots of resources out there to analyze this, I thought I’d take a shot at figuring out in my own situation what the cost of cloth diapering has been over Elizabeth’s first year of life.

  • In a family home with access to a washing machine, it costs decidedly less to diaper with cloth than with disposables. Diapering a child in generic disposables costs $1,400+ over 2.5 years. With some premium or earth-friendly options, this cost can go to almost $2,500. A full-time cloth diapering system can cost as little as $300. The cost of cloth diapers comes upfront, but it relieves the recurrent stress over budgeting for disposable products on a regular basis. Choosing cloth diapers is cheaper overall, as well as easier on the monthly budget.

    The real cost of cloth diapers is certainly something that can be calculated. Cost per load can be calculated here:
    For our energy rates the total cost of a load of diapers (including a pre-wash and an extra rinse — basically one hot/cold cycle and one cold/cold cycle) is $1.39 including detergent, baking soda in pre-wash, vinegar in first rinse, water costs, and energy costs for both washing and drying. Assuming 25 diapers per load (we probably actually have more most loads) the cost per diaper is There are websites like where new moms can set up a registry to have people buy their cloth diapers, inserts and liner for them. Cotton Babies has all the major brands of cloth diapers including bumGenius, Flip System and FuzziBunz. This is what we have done, so our up front cost for cloth diapering will be Great post about the true cost to cloth diaper. We are currently using disposables, but are thinking about giving cloth a go. It isn’t so much the chemicals or environmental issues that are motivating me, but the long term cost. I have to admit that the cute patterns paired with a simple sundress make cloth diapers pretty alluring. Thanks for sharing your experience and a breakdown in price.!! Also, cloth diapers are not what people remember from when we were kids. There are systems with no pins and no diapers you have to fold yourself. These are diapers that grow with your kids, have snaps or velcro closures, elastic legs holes and come in every color you can imagine!.055.

    Total cost of cloth diapers (2 years)$2,268
    Extra electricity per month (2 washer and dryer loads per week)$6
    Monthly cloth diaper cost ($390 spent on diapers / 36 months)$11
    Monthly water bill increase from cloth diapers$30
    Monthly cloth diaper liner cost$16
    Total monthly cost of cloth diapers$63
    Total months in diapers36

  • I just spent between $500-$600 on over 8,000 plus diapers using coupons and snatching up 50% -75% off deals for my unborn child, which is WAY less than the cost of cloth diapering for 3 years. I hate how all the CD parents try so hard to convince other parents how cheap and environmentally friendly CDs are. All three of my older children were solely using disposables and not ONE of them EVER had a diaper rash, because I know how to change them often. CD is not as environmentally friendly as one might think: 1) You have to use SO much water to wash off poo, THEN use even MORE water to wash them using energy, harmful CHLORINE bleach and CHEMICALS in soaps and whatnots to clean the diapers. 2) The extra "special" laundring soap to wash CD is an extra expense in itself at about $10-$12 per bag. 3) CD had to get to the store shelfs or to your doorstep somehow, and 9 times out of 10 it used GASOLINE/PETROLEUM for the mail service to deliver them. 4) The extra bacteria exposed to your bathroom, washer and/or dryer (i.e. ROTOVIRUS) that is highly contagious. The "sprayer" used to spray poo into the toilet is splashing tiny little particles of fecal matter into the air on toothbrushes, floor, etc and with a little one crawling around everywhere and putting everything into their mouths, it is HIGHLY unsanitary. The same goes if you flush your toilet without closing the lid down first, GROSS! 4) You are wasting valuable time washing diapers when you could be spending it with your family. So, that is why I use disposables for I believe the health risks are just far too great to use CD and for a WORKING MOM it makes life much better.

    One thing that I notice people always leave out when calculating the ‘real’ cost of cloth diapering is the cost of their own labor. I personally don’t value myself at Reusables.The major environmental cost of cloth diapers is in laundering. A load of home-laundered diapers uses up to 50 gallons of water. About half of this must be heated. Chemicals such as detergents and bleach can add to the negative environmental impact of cloth diapers. Similarly, laundering diapers in a laundromat or through a diaper service has an environmental cost from the use of chemicals, water, and energy./hr.

Cost of Cloth Diapering vs. Disposables