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  • When you create a user account, you are also implicitly creating a schema for that user. A is a logical container for the database objects (such as tables, views, triggers, and so on) that the user creates. The schema name is the same as the user name, and can be used to unambiguously refer to objects owned by the user. For example, refers to the table named in the schema. (The table is owned by .) The terms and are used interchangeably.

    Oracle recommends that you grant each user just enough privileges to perform his job, and no more. For example, a database application developer needs privileges to create and modify tables, indexes, views, and stored procedures, but does not need (and should not be granted) privileges to drop (delete) tablespaces or recover the database. You can create user accounts for database administration, and grant only a subset of administrative privileges to those accounts. In addition, you may want to create user accounts that are used by applications only. That is, nobody logs in with these accounts; instead, applications use these accounts to connect to the database, and users log in to the applications. This avoids giving application users the ability to log in to the database directly, where they could unintentionally cause damage. See for more information.

  • When you create a user account, you must not only assign a user name, a password, and default tablespaces for the account, but you must also do the following:

    For users to access your database, you must create user accounts and grant appropriate database access privileges to those accounts. A user account is identified by a user name and defines the attributes of the user, including the following:

    Table of Contents
    1. Create account button
    2. Create account
    3. Verification of Your Email-adress !
    4. my_account

  • 6 Security Question Answer ( if You lost Your gmail password this answer will Useful to Recover it )
    7 Recovery e-mail ( for recover Your password if you lost it)
    8 Location
    9 Word verification

    After filling the form click on the " i accept create my account "

    Instead of your username, you may also choose to use the email address you provided when you created your account. If you forget your password, you may use the security questions you created to log in and reset your password.

To create Google Account, go to the Create your Google Account page

The page will help you to learn how to create an account on Facebook in a matter of seconds. At the same time, you can get to know more details about the procedure of signing up, password recovery, or just logging in by going to or .