Cuddly Baby Blanket - Sew and Flip Method

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Nuby 100% Cotton 4 Piece Cuddly Soft Baby Receiving Blanket Set, White, 28" x 28"

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  • Make a Cuddle Fabric Baby Blanket! You'll learn the sew and flip method. To make this blanket, you can use 9 pre-cut strips from a Cuddle Strip Throw kit. We hope you like this easy step-by-step project from Shannon Fabrics and Fleece Fun. Comment below and let us know what you think!

    I saw and LOVE your “cuddly soft baby blankie” and was wondering what yarn you used. I really liked the colors shown in the yarn the photo was taken.

  • Learn how to sew a super simple, soft, and cuddly baby blanket. This makes for the perfect personalized handmade shower gift. In just 3 steps you can make a beautiful creation for the new baby in your life. Finding free baby sewing patterns that are quick to make and cheap to sew can be hard to come by. Lucky for you, this 15 Minute Baby Blanket Pattern will cost you under ten dollars and whips up faster than you can say "new baby"!

    The typical thing for many mothers is cherishing some of the stuff they use or used to raise their little angels. One of the things that mums treasure mostly is a baby blanket, which becomes even more sentimental when handmade by you. It is for this reason you need ultimate designs to help you come up with gorgeous and cuddling crochet baby blankets. Here are some examples:

    Pattern Number: LW2878
    Designed By: Nanette M. Seale
    Project Type: Baby / Child ,Throws / Afghans
    Pattern Corrections: Cuddly Baby Blanket_PatternCorrection

  • The Loves & Cuddles Baby Blanket is a soft, cuddly and squishy blanket. The cable stitches used gives it a unique quality that’s warm while at the same time being open and airy. This blanket is great to use at any time. The colors of the blanket are customizable to your taste, giving it a one a kind look.

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Rows and rows of wonderful handmade treasures - from cute and cuddly baby blankets to stylish sterling silver and gemstone jewelry - are ready for you to wrap and ribbon and present to your special family and friends. In these days of mass-produced and foreign-made goods, it is refreshing to come across these carefully and beautifully created items.