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Ask your health care provider any questions you may have about how to use DayQuil Liquid.

Vicks DayQuil Severe Cold and Flu Relief Caplets, 24 Count

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  • Naturally, the drugs wore off by the morning of Day 3 and I had to start the three-dose pattern (two DayQuil?, one NyQuil?), but with patience and some effort on my part to eat and keep from becoming bed-ridden I recuperated enough to take the Greyhound bus back to Miami. I left the remaining gelcaps in Tampa (this was in October 2003) just in case I got sick again in my next visit. Good thing, too, because I get another nasty cold in early January of 2004.

    All that being said however, I have now showered at the gym several times because I had to meet someone immediately afterwards. Two of these times happened to be after BODYATTACK. My gym tries to provide good showering services; they have shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash in all of the showers. For my first shower I tried them. Using the shampoo was a little unsettling because it had the exact color, texture, and smell of DayQuil.

  • Results: While this three-dose pattern is actually one less than the 4-in-24-hours limit, it turned out to be effective. A few hours after the 10 AM gelcaps were administered, my headache had gone from really bad to tolerably dull, my nose had stopped running like Niagara Falls, and I could at least walk about the small apartment in Tampa without feeling like I had participated in a fraternity keg party. I still couldn't have written anything like a review or even an e-mail, but at least I could watch TV or play, yep, Solitaire. With the 4 PM dose I still felt pretty weak and not very happy, but at least I was fact, maybe too much so, because I went online and wrote several Amazon reviews in one day. Not very well because I later had to revise them a few times, but some ingredient in the DayQuil? LiquiCaps (the pseudoephedrine, perhaps) kept me pretty bouncy.

    Vicks DayQuil is an over-the-counter medication used to treat common cold and flu symptoms. The medication is available in liquid or tablet form and contains the active ingredients acetaminophen, dextromethorphan and phenylephrine. According to Vicks, DayQuil provides temporary relief from nasal congestion, cough, sore throat, fever and minor aches and pains. It is importantl to follow dosage instructions when using DayQuil to provide maximum relief and avoid adverse health effects.

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    I'm feeling kind of under the weather and mentioned in therapy this AM that I was going to pick up some Dayquil after the appointment. My therapist looked alarmed at me even thinking of Dayquil and that if I took Dayquil it could be very triggering and suggested I take Robitussin. Not only was she misinforming me, because Robitussin sure does have alcohol in it and Dayquil does not, but I really didn't like her tone. I feel like if she had been like "oh, you should be careful with some cold medicine cause they sometimes contain alcohol" but instead she treated me like I was engaging in addictive behaviors or about to. Now I feel super anxious and I went in feeling super anxious. Now I'm worried about whether I'm secretly engaging in addictive behaviors that I didn't even realize I was engaging in?

    Once I had my package of DayQuil? LiquiCaps, I read the label for dosage and safety cautions (see below), then I picked a specific time to start taking my first dose so I could take both DayQuil and Nyquil? gelcaps. 10 AM seemed a reasonable time; the next dose would then come at 4 PM, then a Nyquil one at 10 PM.

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One potential problem with having all these varieties is that some, but not all, contain acetaminophen, and of them go out of their way to way to highlight the fact that acetaminophen is included. Some sick people won’t think twice about taking a Tylenol at the same time as they guzzle some NyQuil — or take DayQuil without realizing it contains the painkiller — not knowing they risk doing damage to their liver by doubling up on the acetaminophen.