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Hopefully Dial Coconut Water Body Wash will hydrate my dry skin.

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Dial Body Wash, Coconut Water and Bamboo Leaf Extract, 16 Fl. Oz - 2 pk

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  • When it comes to my family, skin care is important to me. My son suffers from eczema and we all have dry skin. When it comes to choosing soap for the family, I prefer hydrating soap that offers moisturizing benefits. The Dial Coconut Water Body Wash is perfect to use as a family body wash since the fragrance isn’t too feminine, however the results are what we are after.

    The New Dial Coconut Water Body Wash is the first of its kind to contain coconut water for clean, healthy, hydrated skin. Coconut Water is found in young, green coconuts and known to be rich in antioxidants and electrolytes that provide replenishing hydrations.

  • The Dial Coconut Water Body Wash (P199.75) on the other hand, leaves more scent, moisture and bubbles up more than the soap bar.

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  • Of course, a body wash’s first job is to get you nice and clean — but it should also smell great, too! Some of our favorite body washes can transport us to a tropical location with just one whiff. We love Dial Coconut Water Body Wash because it makes us feel like we’re sitting on a beach and sipping Mai Tai’s — plus, it doesn’t hurt that it leaves our skin nice and hydrated. We also are big fans of Caress Tempting Whisper Body Wash — it smells like lush plums and peonies! The scent lingers all day, so we can forgo perfume when we use it.

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It’s not always easy to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, especially if you are a busy working mom like I am. I barely have enough time to even take a shower most nights, much less worry about whether I’m taking good care of my skin. It’s nice to know that Dial understands how hard it can be to maintain healthy lifestyle habits. By introducing NEW Dial Coconut Water Body Wash, they will definitely be helping me to stay on the path to having healthier skin!