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Diamond Plate Matting. Diamond Plate - 9/16''- Solid. Diamond Patterned Anti Fatigue Mat. Diamond Plate - 9/16''- Yellow Border. Highly Visible Anti Fatigue Mat.

Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring Rolls, 1/8-Inch x 4 x 7-Feet, Black

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  • Anderson , the company that produces the famous waterhog mat now also makes the Hog Heaven line of diamond plate matting. They also produce Happy Feet matting which is similar to diamond plate floor mats – but can not be called such , as the shapes on the mat surface are more waffle like in design. They provide the same basic benefit as diamond plate mats, however. The Hog Heaven diamond plate mats are static dissipative with a nitrilr rubber surface that is resistant to oils and chemicals. This diamond plate floor matting is also welding safe. Available in 5/8 and 7/8 thick with 4 OSHA approved safety borders (red for danger, yellow for caution, orange for warning, green for safety) – also available in standard black when the function of the diamond plate matting is to provide comfort only.

    Switchboard diamond plate floor matting is used to insulate workers from machinery that could discharge up to 30,000 volts through the worker to ground. While potentially saving a workers life , these diamond plate mats also can provide anti fatigue comfort. We have many fine vendors producing diamond plate floor matting for our valued customers.

  • Wearwell also makes a great line of diamond plate floor matting. The 416 diamond plate mats with GritWorks is especially good for primarily dry areas with slight overspray or where grease or oil may get tracked onto the diamond plate matting. GritWorks is a carbide grit that increases traction by 50 percent while also increasing chemical resistance and surface durability. These diamond plate floor mats are available in 9/16 and 15/16 inches thick. The core is super resilient nitricell sponge base. All of these mats have beveled edges. An even better mat for dry areas is the Wearwell 418 Slip Resistant diamond plate matting.

    Diamond plate mats as well as diamond plate matting are used in many commercial and industrial applications. The benefit of diamond plate floor mats over traditional smooth floor mats is the additional coefficient of friction produced by the shapes on the mat surface. Diamond plate mats can be runners , or even have anti fatigue benefits built in. Diamond deck matting can also be used in high voltage applications.

    • Standard colors: Gray, Black or Black with Yellow Border
    • Vinyl top resists many oils, cleaners and beverages
    • Military specification diamond plate matting also available.
    • Runner widths: 24", 36" and 48"
    • Custom size mats available

  • The Slip Resistant diamond plate floor matting has a 100 percent rubber sponge base that naturally grabs the floor – keeping the mat from moving. This is superior for smooth floors or epoxy coated flooring. For a standard concrete floor , or a floor that isn't waxed or otherwise coated , the 495 diamond plate select mat works fine at a lower price point.. Of course these mats are available with a safety strip along 2 sides.

Industrial Matting’s Hall of Famer

Diamond Plate Switchboard Mats are the latest design in heavy-duty non conductive switchboard matting.

These floor mats boast a diamond deckplate surface pattern that offers greater traction yet is still easy to clean and maintain.

These diamond deckplate switchboard mats help protect individuals in areas with high voltage from becoming seriously injured or shocked from an electrical discharge.

Diamond Plate Switchboard Mats can insulate up to 30,000 volts of electricity.

Each roll of Diamond Plate Switchboard Matting is rigorously tested to ensure these floor mats conform to the latest ANSI / ASTM D-178-01 specification requirements.

These 1/4" non conductive mats meet Type 2, Class II requirements.

Yellow safety edges are available in 3' wide custom cut lengths only.