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  • TAG : a diary of my life - by Darius Kooth created on 24 January 2013
  • This blog is sort of a diary of my life while it happens to me every day. I will talk about what happened to me each day as i try to add things to it. this blog will contain not just what happened to me that day, but some of my deepest thoughts broadly put out there so it may make people think about what i am saying.

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    Project No. 01
    Self promotion - What is the most important obj in your entire life?

    Director : JONG WOO, LEE
    Motion graphic // 60 sec.

  • a diary of my life - by Darius Kooth
    created on 24 January 2013.

    all vocals, rap, guitars, lyrics, video editing by Darius Kooth.

    special thanks to Devina Tandias for your ideas and inspirations.

    downoald song here:

    or find me here:

    My songs form a kind of biography or diary of my life as they are about people I have loved and people I only knew in my heart, places I have seen only for a moment and places I have lived all my life.
    Justin Hayward

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