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Digital Meat Thermometer

Habor Instant Read Cooking Thermometer High-performing Digital Food meat Thermometer

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  • Gear up like a chef. You don't need a fancy kit of tools to operate your grill. Skip the apron, gloves and spatula. As long as you have a meat thermometer and a pair of tongs, you're good to go. The best place to shop for tools like these is at a restaurant supply store. For example, a digital meat thermometer at will set you back less than $10.

    The eT820F is an instant read digital meat thermometer. It's perfect for grilling, BBQ, smoking, and turkey, but it's simply a great all-purpose cooking and food thermometer. This thermometer takes reading fast, within 5 seconds, and measurements are accurate to ±1.5°F. The built-in smart sensor quickly jumps to the target temperature range, then stabilizes within 3-4 seconds. Most digital thermometers, including “instant read” ones, slowly tick up to the final temperature in a linear fashion, not this one.

  • iDevices' Kitchen Thermometer is a two-probe digital meat thermometer that costs $80 in the US, £65 in the UK and AU$100 in Australia. Where traditional models chime, requiring you to be within earshot, this Bluetooth-enabled version sends push notifications to your phone regarding your food's doneness.

    The Always Perfect® Chef's Fork combines a digital meat thermometer with a color-changing backlit display and simple push-button operation. The built-in thermometer measures food temperature and doneness based on USDA-approved temperatures for nine popular types of food.

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  • Sony is marketing its new Xperia Table Z: Kitchen Edition tablet as a kitchen companion. So what sets this $650 Android tablet apart from the company’s with prices starting at $500? A few cooking apps with recipes and videos, a folding stand, and… a digital meat thermometer.

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You want your meat cooked just right. Why not take the guesswork out? This handy digital meat thermometer from Wolfgang Puck features a digital readout that displays the precise internal temperature of beef, veal, poultry, lamb, pork and burgers. The seven preprogrammed meat settings and three doneness options ensure perfect results every time. It even includes a worry-free audible alert when the meat is ready to serve.