Cheese fondue with dipper ideas

Barney reached for a dipper hanging on a nail beside the kitchen door.

Physick: The Professional Practice of Medicine in Williamsburg, Virginia, 1740-1775

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  • TAG : Nicholas enjoying a grape dipped in cheese.
  • It’s creamy and sweet (not too sweet, though) and has awesome flavor. It also has a great combination of textures with the creamy dip and crunchy waffle cone chip dippers.

    Whether you’re transferring beans, soups, or other products into smaller containers, or you’re portioning out batter for deep frying, these dippers are sure to make the food prep process much more convenient and safe. Cooks in restaurants, cafeterias, dining halls, and other high volume commercial kitchens will love how much quicker they’ll get the job done. Choose from options of different capacities to find the best aluminum dipper for your food handling needs. For more great products to serve and portion out your soups and stocks, check out these , , and . If you're wondering where to buy dippers / transfer dippers, we have a large selection available at the lowest prices.

  • Toast English muffin halves and then place on a cookie sheet. In a small saucepan, melt the butter with the garlic over low heat. Brush toasted muffins with and top with lots of grated cheddar and Parmesan cheeses. Sprinkle a little paprika over toasts, then place under broiler until cheeses are melted and browned. Serve cheesy toasts with soup for dipping.

    Consider this to be your own personal table side campfire. Sushi Roku's Zen S'mores dessert lets you roast your own marshmallows. The dish also comes with chocolate truffles, green tea blocks and marshmallow cream for dipping. It is then served over Graham cracker crumbles.

    "She's not much for first impressions, unlike this guy! ...This guy..."
    —Dipper making a first impression[source]

  • "Yes! Time to show Grunkle Stan how a real mystery hunter does it. Dipper out!"

    You'd better have a big appetite and sweet tooth to consume this dessert. This Granny Smith apple is dipped in store-made caramel and rolled in marshmallows. It is then topped with Graham cracker pieces, chocolate and white confection.

I’ve never seen these dippers-I love Laughing Cow!

One day while working in the shack, Dipper and Wendy are doing a running commentary on the Shack security tape's footage. Robbie comes in and talks to Wendy, asking her to go on a date with him, but Wendy is upset with Robbie for standing her up the night before. Dipper goes into the other room but still spies on the conversation they have. Dipper overhears Wendy talking about breaking up with Robbie. He is extremely happy to hear this, celebrating quietly and hugging Waddles as he does so, then quickly settles to watch the rest of the interaction. He is shocked to find that when Robbie plays a for her, she forgives him. Dipper is convinced that Wendy is being brainwashed by the music, and tells Mabel and Grunkle Stan so. Mabel shrugs it off, but Grunkle Stan completely believes Dipper's story, relating it to when something similar happened to his old girlfriend, . He helps Dipper search for a brainwashing message in the song, and when they find it, drives Dipper to where Wendy and Robbie are on their date. Dipper replays the message for Wendy to hear, and Robbie quickly says he didn't know about that message as he had ripped the song off from some band. Wendy is furious for being lied to and breaks up with Robbie on the spot. Dipper is elated that the breakup finally happened, and asks Wendy if she would want to go bowling sometime. She snaps at him for being insensitive to her emotional state and runs off. Dipper feels bad, but Grunkle Stan cheers him up a little, saying that Dipper was trying to do the right thing, that Wendy would get over it eventually, and in the meantime Dipper could always go bowling with him.