Chain Link mesh dog kennel size 5ft*6ft*10ft

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Midwest iCrate Double Door Crate with Divider for Pets, 42-Inch

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  • An active dog and a roomy back yard or front yard is a perfect combination. But you can’t always allow your dog to run completely free, no matter how big your yard is. The dog may unwittingly escape the yard and become lost, or may end up in a part of the yard that is not safe for dogs, or that contains items that the dog could damage. It is important to keep your pet and your property safe. The right dog outdoor enclosures are the perfect answer. Sam’s Club offers traditional dog kennels and kennel pens for prices that should easily fit within your pet care budget. These are sturdy, high quality items that will safely enclose your pet while allowing him or her freedom of movement and a comfortable environment. You can also find critical accessories for your kennel, such as a ground anchor, kennel cover and kennel liner. Don’t keep your dog penned up in a crate all day or trust a second rate kennel manufacturer. Get high quality kennels and outdoor enclosure accessories at reasonable prices right now with Sam’s Club.

    Besides the air conditioning, The Pavilion of the City of Marion has plenty of parking for RVs and other vehicles, as well as lots of grassy areas, important when you have 600 dogs in one place. Inside, the Pavilion has room for five show rings, space for grooming and dog kennels and separate vendor and food areas.

  • The outdoor dog kennels shown here are a just few examples of what we can do. If you have something else in mind, please contact us for a FREE No Obligation quote! We can customize our designs to meet your exact needs.

    A Horizon Structures pre-built outdoor dog house kennel is the perfect way for you and your pet, show or working dogs to safely enjoy time outdoors. Whether you're looking for dog kennels, dog pens, or custom dog houses, we've got the best prices and options to customize the perfect outdoor dog structure you're looking for!

    Petplanet Dog Kennel: Standard Apex
    From £59.99

    Barkshire Apex Dog Kennel with Opening Roof
    From £49.99

    This is a custom built, double section dog kennel, built to incorporate an existing fabricated panels. We created a large, comfortable exercise run and an enclosed sleeping section with raised bed area.

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