Or maybe father would let us borrow the money and stay at the dorm.

But if you'd been seen with her in the dorm, you'd have been fired from college.

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  • Many colleges and universities no longer use the word "dormitory" and staff are now using the term residence hall (analogous to the United Kingdom "hall of residence") or simply "hall" instead. Outside academia however, the word "dorm" or "dormitory" is commonly used without negative connotations. Indeed, the words are used regularly in the marketplace as well as routinely in advertising. College and university residential rooms vary in size, shape, facilities and number of occupants. Typically, a United States residence hall room holds two students with no . This is usually referred to as a "double". Often, residence halls have communal bathroom facilities.

    In the United States, residence halls are sometimes , with men living in one group of rooms, and women in another. Some dormitory complexes are single-sex with varying limits on visits by persons of each sex. For example, the in has a long history of Parietals, or mixed visiting hours. Most colleges and universities offer coeducational dorms, where either men or women reside on separate floors but in the same building or where both sexes share a floor but with individual rooms being single-. In the early 2000s, dorms that allowed people of opposite sexes to share a room became available in some public universities. Some colleges and university coeducational dormitories also feature coeducational bathrooms.

  • Most colleges and universities provide single or multiple occupancy rooms for their students, usually at a cost. These buildings consist of many such rooms, like an apartment building, and the number of rooms varies quite widely from just a few to hundreds. The largest dormitory building is at the .

    Texas State Technical College officials believe the dormitory stabbing that left two students injured Wednesday was a result of a personal dispute between known acquaintances, TSTC spokeswoman Lynda Lopez said.

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  • Dorm Rooms feature:
    • full breakfast and four-course dinner daily
    • bunk bed in men’s or women’s dorm room with three or four beds
    • shared bathroom a few steps away
    • sink in room
    • personal safe
    • personal clothing area with drawers
    • free wireless internet
    • complimentary bathrobe during your stay
    • Aveda bath products
    • Lodge amenities


    A dormitory (dorm) or hall of residence or , is a building primarily providing sleeping and residential quarters for large numbers of people, often , or students. In the United States is the most common term, which comes originally from the word . On the other hand, in the United Kingdom the term is more usual, especially in a university context. A dormitory can also be a single room containing several beds – see .

She went to her dorm's washing machine to pick up her clothes

A few weeks ago, my daughter attended a music camp that was held at a college campus. I was excited to see the dorm rooms because honestly, I have never been to college or even seen a college up close and personal. My curiosity has always gotten the best of me.