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When you have two children in tow, a double stroller with two seats is perfect!

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  • Whether you have twins or two different aged children, make sure your new double stroller is appropriately sized for each child. Check the weight limitations of the stroller and compare it with the combined weight of your little ones. If you're traveling with a newborn, make sure your new double stroller has appropriate infant accommodations. Also, look for a stroller that can grow with your kids. Many double strollers are adjustable and can serve your babies well into their toddler years.

    At Walmart, you can choose from a variety of double strollers that are lightweight, convenient and equipped with features like cup holders, storage baskets and canopies. When shopping for a twin stroller you will choose between two styles: side-by-side or tandem. Side-by-side strollers allow children to interact while tandem strollers are more compact and maneuverable. No matter which style you choose, consider sit-and-stand options that appeal to children at different activity levels.

  • Things can get hectic when you have two young children to accompany you on your outings. Consider a double stroller to help you manage more than one child on the go with ease.

    The Schwinn Turismo Double Jogging Stroller is the perfect option for the active parent. The swiveling front wheel allows you to maneuver the Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller in tight corners or through crowds, and the option to lock the wheel allows you to go out and run that 5K with the little one(s). The Schwinn Turismo Double Stroller comes in fashionable designs, for a cute, chic look.

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    When your children are born close together and the family is growing, it's probably time to purchase a double stroller, providing you with plenty of space to transport your little ones wherever it is you need to go. They are also a good alternative for those who plan on expanding their family in the near future, or like to have extra room for bags or other travel gear while cruising through airports, a kid-friendly vacation spot, or even your local mall.

    When shopping for a double stroller, look at the quality of manufacturing in combination with price. You don't want to spend a fortune, but you also don't want to purchase something that won't hold up to your children's daily use. If your kids are already in the toddler stage of life, involve them in your purchase and allow them to help "test drive" the double stroller you are considering. They will have an opinion too, and you will be grateful you gave them a voice when you make a stroller investment you all are satisfied with.

    The Zooper Tango Stroller is perfectly designed for a family of two children - especially if those kids happen to be twins. With fully reclining backrests and harness settings for both infants and older kids, your children will be safe and sound inside of a Zooper. Throw in an extra large canopy to shield from sun and rain and add a quality built in ventilation system, and you just found your child's dream ride.

    For families that enjoy being active without being bogged down with a lot of baby bulk, try the Baby Jogger City Elite Stroller . Customized to fit your baby's current size, it features all terrain wheels that swivel to your demands. It's not only functional, but nice to look at to with its attractive black on black design. While not intended for actual jogging, it is perfect for any family adventure as its frame can hold up to any type of ground below.

    Double strollers are always a smart buy when you are looking to be economical without sacrificing the comfort of your growing family. Your kids will love either of the above mentioned models, as well as many others found on BabyEarth.

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    As with all our products, Albee Baby’s double strollers come loaded with unique features, clever design details, essential accessories, and thoughtful engineering — all created with parents and kids in mind. Life with multiples and siblings certainly increases the number of things you have to keep track of. But with our extensive line of top-quality double strollers, we make it easier to keep everyone and everything together.

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When twins or triplets are in route, you cannot do without a reliable triple or double strollers. As well as for active moms and fathers, our reliable, durable jogging baby strollers really are a lifesaver, allowing you to mix exercise and time together with your kids.