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Magnavox DP170MGX 1080P Upconverting DVD Player $29.97

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    Owner’s Manual Please read before using this unit. DVD / CD Player DP170MGXF Supplied Accessories remote control (NB098UD) RCA audio / video cables AA (1.5 V DC) battery x 2 (WPZ0102TM018 / WPZ0102LTE01) owner’s manual (1VMN27833) Connecting to RF Modulator (Not Supplied) If your TV has antenna in jack only, it is still possible to connect this unit to your TV by using an RF modulator.

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    Manufacturer Part Number: DP170MGXF
    Model: DP170MGXF
    Brand: Magnavox
    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.78 x 14.57 x 5.12 Inches

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