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  • While there are many aspects to the city that I loved, here’s a photo story about a fascinating browse around Des Voeux Road West, better known as the Dried Seafood Street. On this busy road that stretches along some 200+ shops in Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island, you’ll find a spectrum of rare delicacies such as dried abalone, the showpiece of most Chinese banquets.

    Other dried seafoods for sale include sea cucumbers, fish maw (or bladder), and controversial sharks’ fins. You’ll also see lots of bizarre-looking fungus and seaweed as well as reindeer’s veins and tails (yikes!), dried snake skin, wild bamboo shoots, birds’ nests, and dried turtles. This ain’t stuff for the quesy or for sensitive souls.

  • Chinatown would be a good spot to shop. There are alleys lined with stalls selling dried seafood. Look on the northeast side of Yaworat and ask around.

    May I know if I wanted to go to Des Voeux Road to buy dried seafood, should I be alighting at the Central MTR station or the Sheung Wan MTR Station?

  • Chart 12: 51% of the surveyed customers think that quality is the most important, followed by reputation. This might suggest that customers tend to go to stores with good reputation as they believe the quality in these shops would be higher. Meanwhile, only 8% thinks that price is important, which is low. This might be due to customers’ concept that cheaper dried seafood means lower quality.

    No problem with me,as I usually bought Fish Maw and others dried seafood back to Singapore.I always pack them in boxes. and checkin with my luggage.

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