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So thank you Henry Hatsworth, and welcome to the Top Ten Nintendo DSi Games of 2010!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril - Nintendo DS

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  • The Nintendo DSi plays most of the Nintendo DS's library, meaning DSi games cost the same as a typical DS game: approximately $29.00 to $35.00 USD. Used games can be found for less, though used game prices are set individually by the seller.

    The DSi XL combines your favorite features from the original DSi with brand new features to enhance your gaming experience to the max. New screens, new software, new games, new colors, enhanced Internet connectivity, and even a new stylus all result in a a portable gaming console that revolutionizes the way games are played on the go. With its unique backwards compatibility, the DSi XL also allows you to experience your favorite DSi games in a new way.

  • The and the DSi games have now had time to integrate themselves in to the world's handheld market, and boy have they dominated it. But now that everyone has the DSi console itself I think it is around time we started looking at the software, more importantly, DSi games, that are available for this most amazing device.

    First and for most the Nintendo DSi game machine is not just for DSi games. It does host a wide range of DSi applications, but primarily it is for DS games. The Nintendo DSi does bring in a couple of downside, such as the loss of the rumble pack, but nevertheless the DSi is an amazing gaming machine with some great !

  • Whether you bought the Nintendo DSi to play DSi games, or use things such as Brain Training applications, you will always have a great experience with the Nintendo DSi and it's fantastic selection of entertaining games and education DS applications.

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The latest installment of the classic 2D platform game returns for the Nintendo DSi. The New Super Mario Bros for the DSi easily gets in to my top ten DSi Games, but since it gives nothing more than new maps and a few extra abilities, I haven't elevated it further than 10.