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  • Despite that in the home theater the digital video interface was soon superseded by HDMI, yet it is still very much around. The problem for many is that the different types of DVI cables and connectors often represent nothing more but an incomprehensible interconnected mess.

    The DVI connector is a 37.0 mm wide connector. The DVI specifications refer to two different types of DVI cable connectors depending on the type of signal you need to carry:

  • The innovative crossing ground blade design and LFH™ (Low Force Helix) contact interface design provides the industry with a video interface design that will support over 1.65 Gbps per differential pair (for a total 9.9 Gbps over a dual link implementation) and 2.5GHz support for the analog interface. These features provide the performance headroom it needed for future growth and development of video products. The interface provides the added benefit of a high-cycle-life interface for mobile applications, and the improved EMI/RFI performance needed for high-speed links. EMI performance is achieved through the 360° shielding of the MicroCross DVI cable and connector design.

    DVI was created by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG), as a replacement for the older VGA (Video Graphics Array) technology which had been in vogue for a decade before. First introduced in 1999, DVI was developed to transmit uncompressed digital video signals to computer monitors and other types of display devices. DVI cables and connectors can transmit digital, as well as analog signals. These cables come in single link and dual link varieties. They are designed to be backward compatible with VGA connectors.

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  • The DVI cable connection provides a pure digital video signal from devices like high-end DVD players to HDTV’s, plasma displays, and other high-end video displays. DVI transfers uncompressed, real-time digital video and supports resolutions of 1600x1200 and above on a PC, and HDTV resolutions of 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.

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In general, there are only two signal types which run through DVI connectors. The two types are digital and analog, and they are incompatible with one another. If you use a DVI cable to connect a device that sends out only digital signals to a device that accepts only analog signals, or vice versa, you'll get no signal; so the first question you have to answer is whether your devices can talk to each other at all.